Donetsk Film’s Planned Interference in the US Presidential Election

By Rhys Jones


By Rhys Jones – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Jun 21, 2020 FRN

The new spy thriller Alpha R, which is being shot in Donetsk for a release later this summer, features a “warning shot” about a possible escalation of the New Cold War on the part of the American ‘deep state’, if there is a (perhaps not only hypothetical) Joe Biden electoral victory.

A special “future” issue of Slovo (a weekly newspaper that is regularly delivered to President Putin) was printed for the film. The headline ‘from the future’ reads:

Joe Biden: “We will tear Russia apart” – The new master of the White House is ready to push the red button”

Biden’s “reputation” in Donbass and in the eyes of the film’s authors shouldn’t come as a surprise as he and his son are considered in Donbass to be the perpetrators of the war unleashed by Kiev’s marionette “authorities”. The fifth episode of the series ‘MH17 Inquiry’ called “It was a MIG” (also published here on Off-G), provides insight into their role in this conflict.

Another sequence in Alpha R, which sets itself a goal to upstage the creators of the finale of Terminator 3, tells how Russia’s still operational “Perimeter” system (known in the West as ‘Dead Hand’) would work if someone attempted to attack Russia. American Army Generals often look somewhat queasy when they answer journalist’s questions about this system.

The producers of Alpha R are planning to exhibit the film in the US during the next presidential election. And if this is considered ‘Russian interference’, then they are saying that:

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…they would be proud that Donetsk has it’s hand in that as we would be preventing a doomsday outcome for America and for the whole world.”

“This ‘interference’ isn’t something that we have to be shy about”, says the film’s producer, “America is Russia’s eternal debtor, it owes us its very existence. I mean Russia’s practical aid to the Northern States in the Civil War of 1861-1865.”

At the time Great Britain and France considered supporting the Confederacy but eventually remained neutral, that fact speaks for itself.

In Alpha R Russia’s RVSN “Dead Hand” control team allows themselves a shot of a fiery drink called ‘Lavrov’, named after Russia’s Foreign Minister (another tongue in cheek reference) after performing a salvo of retribution.

The producer emphasizes:

“We hope that as in the finale of ‘Terminator 3’, this doomsday scenario (which even in the film is depicted as as one of the most unlikely and most undesirable outcomes) will never actually happen […] And that ‘Lavrov fire water’ is, of course, a metaphor. The goal of our film is peace, but in order for us all to value it more, we must show the true cost of war.”

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