FLORES: Trump’s ANTIFA-Terrorism Targets are Jack Dorsey of Twitter and George Soros

By Joaquin Flores


By Joaquin Flores – The primary target of Trump’s anti-terrorism decree naming Antifa, are not Antifa followers and protesters themselves, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and George Soros. In a protest/riot scenario, the police need no new additional powers to stop, detain, or arrest citizens engaged in such activities in the US. The FBI do not need terrorism designations to wire-tap, use COINTELPRO methods, and the like, to frustrate these methods.

But the state will need this very serious rationale to go after Color Revolution creating social media platforms like Twitter.

Jack Dorsey may turn out to be Minister of Information of the Antifa terrorist organization at the end of the day.

Trump’s May 31st designation of Antifa as a terrorist group will have far-reaching consequences. It was the only move that could be made within the context of a whole slew of factors imposed on the the whole country. This has come from actors such as George Soros who have exploited the loopholes inherent in the intersection of oligarchy, philanthropy, capitalism, social movements, and pluralism in civil society. 

This designation in the immediate sense, will undeniably work against constitutional rights, including speech, assembly, association, bearing arms, and jury trial.

Rather, it’s the strategy of tension that will lead to a state of war of all against all. There is no civil society or pluralism in such a state of affairs.

Labeling Antifa a terrorist group is the most prudent move at this time, the most conservative, and can be used the most surgically. That is no reason to celebrate the move. We are in the situation of having to make a series of difficult decisions based on which ones will have the least worst outcomes, and moreover, which create the possibility to create the most amenable outcomes.


Jack Dorsey and Soros are under investigation for Terrorism


The public must avoid falling for the MSM hysteria about Antifa being declared a terrorist organization, because this is a broad announcement which can only effectively be used in a surgical way. It will undermine Trump’s ability to navigate this manufactured crisis imposed on himself and the whole country, if he uses that designation too broadly. Bear in mind that the job of the MSM is to lead us to believe it is being used widely when it is likely to be used narrowly.

That means Trump will be making notable efforts to prove this designation is being used conservatively.

While abuses will be realized because abuse will always be present wherever it is possible, (like mailed-out ballots), the primary targets are Jack Dorsey of Twitter and George Soros (et al).

Jack Dorsey of Twitter is in big trouble, he’s being investigated for links to terrorism as he has been the primary social media programmer for Antifa, which has been declared a terrorist organization.

By placing him as part of the investigation on terrorism, it greatly limits Germany’s ability to ‘host Twitter’ as some kind of Deep State base of operations. It also will help civilian government take control of Twitter.


Jack Dorsey thought he was above the law


Jack Dorsey thought he was above the law because he was part of an Intelligence Community project of the Deep State to use Twitter to foment Color Revolutions abroad. He had all the assurances in the world from his handlers and contacts.

But when looking at the situation in the US, things get tricky. The same cabal that thought they had the right to declare which of the world’s governments were legitimate or illegitimate, turned their aim on Trump even before he was elected, which is what ObamaGate and BidenGate are all about.

They created a holographic reality in which the legitimate US president was actually a Russian plant that the American people and the IC were, at any given moment, ready to depose in some way. Therefore, all the efforts to remove him by any means necessary would be retroactively considered lawful, instead of unlawful.

It was truly amazing how many ISIS-recruiting clerics and imams, and how many open Al Qaeda organizers were allowed to have Twitter accounts. For people only loosely paying attention, this created the illusion that anyone could have a Twitter account, that it as an open and unedited platform, even while in reality Twitter was silencing other views it did not approve of.

This effectively means it approved of ISIS/Al  Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood organizing, as the public understands better now as there has been a public debate over the difference between platforming and publishing.

Trump team delivered the stages of this in stand-alone memetic packets. This is the most widely proscribed method:

1 – Twitter is a Publisher and needs to be regulated as one if they continue to act as one

2 – Publishers publish what they support and don’t publish what they don’t support

3 – Twitter publishes organized Antifa tweets (and organizes them in the way they publish some and not others)

4 – Antifa is a terrorist organization

5 – Twitter lends itself as the publishing arm of Antifa, which is central to its organizing physical manifestations and not just incidental to its message

6 – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is potentially an Antifa terrorist


Some Public Evidence

Journalist Tim Poole in a cross-examination with Jack Dorsey on the Joe Rogan show a year ago showed how Antifa-on-Twitter acted as an organization, despite that Twitter vehemently denied that Antifa was an organization.

This was because Twitter justified their repression of the Proud Boys as an organization, but Antifa was free to run amok on the platform because they were allegedly not an organization. Tim Poole showed that, functionally, Antfa was an organization. But we can go further in that Antifa is an organization whether or not it is comprised of individuals who call themselves Antifa, it demonstrably includes Twitter itself as part of Antifa. Organizations exist whether they call themselves organizations or not.

That Twitter is a publisher, not a platform, and that massively favors Antifa, makes Twitter the publisherthe press-wing  – of Antifa. 



But is Antifa a terrorist organization?


Antifa fits the definition of a terrorist organization  by Chapter 113B – ‘TERRORISM’ of 18 USC Code, Crimes and Criminal Procedure.

Citizens under the influence of Twitter-approved twitter-storms using the Antifa hashtag and an array of related hashtags, and retweet these, are not terrorists. Those who have even mobilized in the name of social-justice when Twitter has (as a publisher) made the call for one, are not terrorists. 

There is manufactured consent, and yet what is surprisingly not discussed, is manufactured dissent. The left by and large does not understand the latter category, just as they struggle with the Color Revolution concept (despite overwhelming empirical/physical and circumstantial evidence).

This opens up a broader debate about the limits of agency, and the simulation of social movements and social phenomenon through digital algorithmic manipulation. That said;

The religion of the class struggle teaches them that all uprisings of the people, (and for the New Left, especially if they are not white/male/straight) are inherently all grass-roots and real responses to the travesties of capitalism and the racist-patriarchal, authoritarian, bourgeois state.

They have to see their belief in the inevitability of an uprising as realized in these miraculous and sudden uprisings.

This is because the New Left abandoned the plight of the working class, and became a youth-oriented, sex-race movement, which in fact posed no real challenge to capital while operating in that sphere. So rather than knowing that a labor action is being planned, that a labor action is being organized (with accountable leaders, meetings of workers, etc.), the general mass of supporters of the New Left have only desperate hope that the masses will be provoked into some random confrontation with the state which is some how expressed in burning buildings and police cars.

Those who take their activism more seriously, wind up in the Labor-NGO industrial complex which is increasingly under the control of philanthropy. Soros is to progressive philanthropy what Gates is to world health. It’s regulatory capture.

Those who wind up in that, as this author did for a time, learn very quickly many of the in-fact organized tactics involved.  The broad networks, the power analysis, and so on.

To move forward, that system weeds out free thinking individuals and conscientious objectors. It is very much like a form of police, a more sophisticated form of policing done through social control agents operating through labor and the NGO sector. There’s tremendous background on this from, ironically, anarchist critiques of labor but also the Frankfurt School.

In a twisted sense, the white anarcho-liberal left hopes, and always hopes, for more martyrs like George Floyd, because they have no real organizing method and strategy of their own that doesn’t rely on the Soros NGO complex or DNC Get Out the Vote campaigns.

Magically Twitter just deletes the accounts of some people who are actually a threat to the system, while Twitter has de-activated the report-tabs’ full functionality of protected certain Antifa accounts.

These accounts are not shadow banned, and sometimes even overtly promoted, so their relative amplification means that Dorsey is effectively a member of Antifa, and not only that. He’s head of Antifa’s most important vehicle – Twitter, Antifa’s Ministry of Information

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