FULL SIT-REP: Ukrainian Losses After Failed Push in Donbass


The following is a full report on the military situation in the LPR over the past 48 hours following a briefing by the head of the press service of the LPR People’s Police Department, Yakov Osadchy. It was prepared by RusVesna and translated by FRN.  —

According to observers of the LPR representative office in the JCCC, over the past day the enemy fired on the territory of our Republic twice.

Despite the significant losses suffered by the enemy on June 13 as a result of the rupture of the barrel of the Molot mortar , the fighters of the 24th Armed Forces brigade continued shelling the area of ​​n. Kalinovka from 120-mm mortars and automatic easel grenade launchers, and also fired from an ATGM in the area near Lozovoy.

As a result of the shelling, one of our defenders was injured of moderate severity. The military man was promptly provided with medical assistance, and his life is in critical condition. Information on civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure is being specified.

In response, from non-prohibited types of weapons, NM units crushed enemy firing points, as a result of which one APU fighter was destroyed, another fighter was injured.

In addition, the militants of the 24th APU brigade made an attempt to bombard civilian infrastructure in the area of ​​n. n. Lozovoy using UAVs of the Phantom type for adjusting fire.



Thanks to the coordinated actions of our calculations of electronic warfare and air defense, which are part of the Albatros-K unified control system, the violator of the airspace of the Republic was quickly identified, identified and destroyed.

Our intelligence established that the command of the “OOS” in recent days is greatly concerned about the uncontrolled actions of the Armed Forces on the contact line and is taking desperate measures to restore military discipline and controllability of units.

In connection with the frequent violations by servicemen of the 24th Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the order of the commander of the “OOS” on the ban on firing, the command of the OTG “Sever” on June 12 created a task force led by chief of staff of the group Colonel Artamoshenko.

The purpose of the group is to verify the safety of ammunition in subordinate units, as well as to identify specific individuals guilty of violations of the ceasefire and conducting uncontrolled firing.

For each such fact, personal proceedings are being conducted, the results of which the OOS command plans to use at the trial of the international tribunal to transfer the blame for war crimes to its subordinates.

We draw the attention of the rank and file of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that your commanders are aware of the inevitability and are preparing for a speedy trial both in Ukraine and internationally.

Information on civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure is being specified.

At the same time, the low quality of the Ukrainian Molot mortars and their inadequate maintenance during daily use once again led to non-combat losses among the Armed Forces servicemen.


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The thirteenth mine, aimed at the residents of Kalinovka, was the last in the lives of two militants who died as a result of a mortar rupture, two more – privates Elic’ko and Dobrynsky – were injured and delivered to a medical facility with medium explosive injuries.

By order of the brigade commander Guja, the bodies of the dead were urgently taken to an unknown destination, and their death was not mentioned in the report to the higher command.

As a rule, the personal data of such dead militants can be found out from the materials of criminal proceedings, according to the facts of desertion of servicemen from the “OOS” zone, which the military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine will initiate in the coming days.

As it turned out, the increase in non-combat losses among the Ukrainian fighters is caused not only by cases of careless handling of weapons, drunkenness, drug addiction and bombings on their own mines, but also by unsanitary conditions that flourish in the places of deployment of Ukrainian units, due to the irresponsible attitude of the Ukrainian command to subordinate personnel.

The food waste dump into which the militants of the 25th brigade turned the neighborhood of n. Pshenichnoye, caused a growth in the rat population and created a threat of an epidemic of dangerous diseases.

The residents of the village, fearing for the life and health of their children, repeatedly turned to the command of the “OOS” and the military prosecutor’s office with a demand to take action.

The brigade command was forced to respond to complaints from the population and sent a working group of military personnel to eliminate environmental violations.

During the cleaning of food waste, Senior Sergeant Shokir was attacked by a rat and was urgently hospitalized. A blood test of the victim revealed his infection with leptospirosis.

The “OOS” command set the task of the IUPS units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to monitor the appearance of information about this incident in the media and to prepare materials for making fun of it. The doctors who performed the blood test of the victim gave a non-disclosure subscription.

On the eve of the next meeting of the TKG, the command of the “OOS” ordered to strengthen measures to prevent the disclosure by the OSCE observers of the facts of the presence of prohibited weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in settlements and near the military contact line.

According to our intelligence, the command of the 93rd and 30th brigades monitor the movement of the OSCE patrols with the help of UAVs and instructed roadblocks banning the passage of Mission observers to the areas of N. n. Trekhizbenka, Crimean, Kryakovka and Popasnaya.

Also, residents of these settlements note the increasing incidence of UAV UAV flights in areas where Ukrainian military equipment is located, probably in order to assess the effectiveness of measures taken to mask them.

We urge Ukrainian servicemen, who have not yet taken part in crimes against civilians, not to succumb to Kiev’s propaganda and not to make a deal with conscience. Remember that the fate of your families depends on your decision.


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