In Ukraine’s Clown World, Donbass Representatives are Chosen by Kiev


KIEV – The head of the Office (Administration) of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, said that the official representatives of the Republic of Donbass have nothing to do in the negotiations to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine.

This is contrary to both the letter and the spirit of the Minsk Agreements to which Kiev is a party.

He stated this in an interview with the German edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“If such representatives of the population should be involved in the negotiation process, then they should not be involved in the hostilities or killings of our soldiers, and also have nothing to do with separatist and terrorist organizations. These should be recognized representatives of civil society, ” Yermak explained his point.

Yermak called the Minsk format “not negotiations,” transferring all the blame for the failure to comply with their decisions and the decisions of the Paris Summit of the “Normandy format” to representatives of the People’s Republics.

“This is seriously preventing us from moving forward on all other issues,” Yermak emphasized.

At the same time, he did not mention that tens and hundreds of civilians were killed in the Donbas, mainly from the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics .

Yermak seems to ignore a basic principle in agreements – the parties involved must have authority to do so, not just in law, but in the eyes of the people they represent. They also must be able to put those agreements into effect, meaning that their authority stems from the very armed formations which exist in the Donbass and are opposed to Kiev rule.

As the Donbass is at war with Kiev, its representatives cannot be chosen by Kiev if Donbass people are expected to cease hostilities on their end. That this much would even need to be inserted as an affirmation of the clown-world scenario that is Ukrainian politics.

The only visible success at the moment, according to the head of the OPU, was the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine, Russia and the republics of Donbass.

But here, the Ukrainian official “modestly kept silent” about how stubbornly Ukraine sabotaged this process and how much effort Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk had to spend so that the exchange nevertheless took place according to the previously approved formula.

Yermak once again incoherently stated that “all the agreements of the summit should be implemented.” By this he meant a ceasefire, the withdrawal of forces and means from the demarcation line, the clearance of the territory around it, as well as the exchange of prisoners in the format of “all for all.”

He added that only “after the security requirements are met, in particular, foreign troops and illegal armed groups are withdrawn, and when Ukraine regains control of its border”, it will be possible to hold elections in the Donbass.

This is an opposite reading of the order of events as agreed to in the Minsk Agreement.


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