KIRBY: Joe Biden Is Cancer for the Democrats, Urgent Strategy Change Needed

By Tim Kirby


By Tim Kirby for SCF – Jun 1, 2020 – There have been U.S. presidential candidates in our lifetimes that seemed like really pathetic offerings such as the soulless human business suit that is Mitt Romney. There have been some that could have competed. had they gotten the big nomination, if not for one big mistake like Howard Dean. And there are some that just had really tough incumbent competition that they had no hope of defeating like Walter Mondale. However, as it stands today there is no (serious) candidate in the past few generations of American society worse than today’s Joe Biden. It isn’t even a question at this point if he will lose, the real question is if he can even cover the four touchdown spread or not. The Democrats need to switch him out immediately while there is still time.

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Photo: Watching a U.S. Presidential Candidate commit career suicide on YouTube.


The “You ain’t Black” controversy slapped the Democrats’ base right in the face.

On a live stream Biden managed to do the unthinkable, make the Democrat candidate look more racist than the Republican one in the eyes of Black America. Biden said the following with bold unironic confidence…

“If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black”.

The overwhelming interpretation of this statement is that the Democrats take Black votes for granted after generations of convincing them that Republicans are their enemies. This is partially true but it can be spun to being full blown hardcore racism by Trump’s campaign.

Having the Democrat candidate tell a Black man to basically “vote for me boy” may finally increase that Republican share of darker toned American voters they have been dreaming of. Fox News was able to use this event as the spark to dredge up a whole laundry list of potentially racist Biden quotes. This attitude gives Trump all the opportunity in the world to continue his transformation of the Republican party. Step one for the Donald was to take the party from a pro-business to populist perception in the previous election. Step two could (and should) be framing the battle with the Democrats as those who are for the Constitution and Liberty vs. those who are against it absolutely regardless of skin color. This strategy will work for the Right and is necessary to hold a diverse America together using a set of principles as the armature wire.

Photo: Joe Biden is a true romantic. The public already believes he is a child molester.


The memes of Joe Biden kissing, hugging, sniffing and inappropriately touching every possible thing that can be Photoshopped into his dark embrace are all over the internet and cannot be stopped. Yes there are people who will vote for any candidate from their “tribe” as long as they have a “D” or “R” next to their name, but their numbers are not so great as to get someone with the public perception of a pedophile into the highest office in the land.

9 News Australia put together a nice video summation of Biden’s inappropriate physical contact (with especially minors) for those who are still on the fence. The scary thing is that if Biden were not to have become Vice-President then he would have never been noticed for doing any of this. Perhaps we should all pay closer attention to whom our Governors, Senators and Congressmen are hugging tightly to their groins? These clips are really all Trump has ever needed to run a smear campaign on Biden. Paying for two month’s worth of campaign ads with the disgusting footage of his physical contact with children and it is game over.

#UkraineGate shuts down #RussiaGate

We shouldn’t forget that there is a more intellectual layer of the population that is swayed by things other than emotions and tribalism and for them the accusations of Trump playing games with the Russians were very serious. Well they were serious, until they were completely ripped apart by reason exposing the Democrats’ work/actions with the Ukrainians. Perhaps Biden can try to play corrupt victim due to Trump going after him, but the real dirty deeds with ties to Washington are not from current Russia but from part of former Russia. The core attack on Trump in 2016 was #RussiaGate (and some sexism accusations) and that ultimately failed and it has even less chance of working this time. Collusion, connection or any other word starting with “C” is not going to stop Trump during the next election cycle. Mueller and his team delivered a piping hot juiceless nothingburger and all Donald Trump has to do is remind the public of that fact to dodge any questions related to Moscow, the Kremlin or Mr. Putin himself.

Photo: This man’s policies could sink the United States but he has an exponentially better chance of beating Trump.


The Democrats Need to Switch Candidates Now

The Primaries are ultimately a farce full of super delegates and scandals so it really doesn’t matter if the Democrats swap candidates. In order to defeat Hitler 2.0 with his odd hair and centaur like posture most Blue States will accept having a new better candidate appointed regardless of what “the rules” say.

This switch can be done in many ways. A socially acceptable route would be to have Biden say something publicly about suffering some mysterious medical condition and that he must step down from his position as Democrat nominee. No one will be able to question this and after some apologizing Biden will fade out and a replacement will come into focus. This is the easiest strategic option.

Getting Biden to go far away from the cameras to be replaced is not hard bureaucratically or PR wise if they can convince/force Joe to play along. Biden as a strategy will not work, he needs to be replaced right now so the Blue States have a chance of getting someone into the White House. It could be Sanders it could be Yang after being injected with a personality serum, but there has to be someone better than the human sinking ship that was Obama’s Vice President.

This is what the Democrats must do to have a chance at winning. They must change the person at the core of their strategy. But in all likelihood they will ride out the storm with Creepy Joe till the end. And at that time they will be suddenly shocked that he lost just like when “shrill, crooked Hillary” did. Then again perhaps I am wrong, maybe Biden is exactly the candidate the delusional Democrats deserve.

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