KIRBY: Trump Can Save Rioting America by Doing Nothing


By Tim Kirby for SCF – Jun 6, 2020 –Right now, across the USA there are either mass protests or mass riots depending on whom you ask and as usual the Punditry and Mainstream Media are doing their best to make this seem like an isolated, never before seen event on American soil. But, it seems like it was only yesterday when the Ferguson Riots/Unrest were going to be doomsday for the USA. And before that the LA riots were the sign of the Apocalypse, and so on. No matter what the talking heads tell you, the United States has seen this type of chaos many times. But President Donald Trump himself has not, for him this is a virgin experience and so far he seems to be using the wrong strategy to deal with the issue – taking action. The better policy would be to simply just do nothing.

In a national address from the Rose Garden of the White House Trump made the following bold demand from governors across the United States.

“Today I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets…”

“Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled…”

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

Obviously, sending the military against the people of America is highly immoral and boldly unconstitutional. Then again, the U.S. Constitution has been violated so many times that we have become desensitized to its abuse. Tanks and flames certainly did their job in Waco, Texas. The Kent State massacre “may” have started on accident, but the results were men in green uniforms gunning down hapless hippies. The military also did some solid work helping America move on from that whole Rodney King incident in the early 90’s as well as 11 other times over the past two or three generations of the nation’s history.

So, is there precedent for the U.S. the National Guard/Military to deal with uprising/riots/mass protests in America by force – yes there certainly is. Can Trump get away with it? Ask the editorial staff at CNN.

It is really the Mainstream Media’s interpretation of Trump’s attempts to “quell” things that will determine the fate of America. If they either stay silent or build a narrative that Trump is trying to save America from “thugs”, then everything will be fine. If they do the opposite then America will become a lot more Eastern European looking.

The words you are reading right now were written in Russia and from a Russian perspective America looks as though it is going through a Color Revolution.

Since the Orange Revolution took place in Kiev from 2004 to 2005 the Russia masses have become very aware, if not obsessed by the idea of Color Revolutions. This term in English is very much for the “political wonk” type of person, but for Russian speakers it has become a mainstream concept. Perhaps this is so as a means of intellectually immunizing Russians against Color Revolution tactics being used in Moscow’s streets. It is a lot harder for the carnies to sucker in a mark if the mark knows the exactly how the scam operates.

The side-effect of this “immunization” is that the Russian-speaking masses often see a Color Revolution lurking behind every tree. The street violence and bigotry on the streets of America today do seem very similar to Kiev in 2014, and Russians all over the internet are loudly pointing out this fact. But this Russian viewpoint that America is being attacked by a George Soros type strategy seems to be a matter of some dark “wishful thinking” by certain individuals who want America to feel the same pain that the State Department inflicted on them. They can fantasize about Washington falling all they like but uprisings in America thus far have never resembled Color Revolutions due to one key factor above all others – they lack Mainstream Media support.

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No matter how much smug members of Alternative Media likes to chant that “The Dinosaur Media is Dead”, T-Rex still creates the narrative that forms our view of events. If we wake up tomorrow and every newspaper, TV channel, YouTube video from the Mainstream Media tells us that the US Dollar is worthless – then it will be worthless, regardless if something actually happened during the night or not. If the Mainstream Media would have not have pushed the death of George Floyd then he would have been just another statistic. If the boys at Fox, MSNBC, etc. only run stories on the Coronavirus then for the masses and history “nothing else was happening”. Even if CNN has garbage ratings, the power to build/control the historical narrative is massive and still in their hands.

This narrative is the biggest piece of the Color Revolution puzzle. If we all know in Country X that there have been major instability/protests in the nation’s capital and we are informed by every news source that a Revolution has occurred, then for all intents and purposes it has occured, regardless of whether this is factually true or not. This is why a Color Revolution gets easier to do in poorer countries as their narrative is much easier/cheaper to influence. The reality of an economically pathetic former Soviet satellite nation can be bought or simply crushed under the weight of the Western bigtime news outlets.

So far the fact that America has no media before its own (unlike smaller weaker countries who are dominated by information from NATO nations) has protected it from any possible Color Revolution attempts. As long as the big talking head narrative says America is in good working order then it will continue to be so. But this time around we have an unusual factor in the equation – Donald Trump an American President who evokes a visceral blind animalistic rage in his opponents at unprecedented levels in modern history.

The amount of disdain and contempt for this man was explosive before even taking office with his inauguration being met with massive and even violent protests. Trump and his MAGA message are very divisive to say the least and this is where the danger lies.

Although Fox is likely to stay loyal, what if CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the Liberal swamp actually let their emotions get to their head and start crying revolution? What if they actually start to preach the Color Revolution mantra that “crimes are being committed” against the American people by the “Trump regime”? What if they let their shriveled Lefty hearts take over their brains and fully delegitimize Washington’s authority with hot scenes of state violence against the masses? Well, in this instance the Chinese and Russians would get exactly what they have been dreaming of – a massively destabilizing civil war like event for the Global Hegemon.

This is why Trump absolutely cannot risk using any military looking forces, and should immediately revoke his demand that the governors around the country use the National Guard to break the uprising by force. This move could give the dillusional Mainstream Media the chance to accidentally kill the goose that laid the golden egg due to their hatred for Trump. He absolutely cannot allow a Color Revolution type narrative to arise whether on purpose or by accident.

Trump, for the safety of the United States is actually better off doing nothing. Uprisings in America have happened before, but they lack organization and structure and in war unorganized forces are always crushed. The people on the street are not a rebel military, but trendy Antifa teens, (rightfully) offended African Americans acting on emotions and multi-racial looting opportunists. These people are not going to “hold the line” for weeks on end, and even if they do, so what? They have no supply lines. Time is on Washington’s side.

The Occupy protests took over 60 American cities with camps and organizers lasting for months on end… and they accomplished nothing. The Ferguson protests were massive and destructive… and they also accomplished nothing. In a waiting game an organized government crushes the confused disorganized rabble every time. Trump needs to take the boring option and just wait them out. He needs to force his opponents to burn their time outs and then run the play clock down to 2 seconds and then kneel the ball. It’s boring, but it gets the “W”.

If inaction simply does not suit the Donald, there is a darker more ideological strategy that he could use to solidify himself as a true populist – taking a play out of Rodrigo Duterte’s book. The President of the Philippines is famous for his “populist” attitude towards fighting drug dealers in his country. Essentially he just told the masses and his men to simply “kill them all” with the implication that there will be no repercussions for such actions – state approved mob violence.

If Trump were to declare that he will automatically pardon absolutely anyone who used lethal force to defend themselves, their homes or their businesses from rioters then the “Revolution” is over. His gun-toting, multi-ethnic pro-Liberty base will take the opportunity to finally get some blood on their AR-15 sabres. This move (although extremely morally questionable) resulting in thousands of deaths, would elevate Donald Trump from being popular with a certain segment of the country to being revered as the second coming of George Washington. This would restore the “Rugged Individual”, the spirit of “The Alamo”, “My Home, My Castle” and all sorts of other buzz phrases that have become meaningless in 21st century SJW America. Furthermore, if the masses were to deal with this problem themselves then there is no Color Revolution narrative and America will survive. The blame would fall on the multiracial middle class “hillbillies” and not Trump himself. The U.S. President may spend an eternity in hell for doing something like this, but it would work. Strategy and morality often do not align.

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