MAJOR: COVID-19 Death Certs are being FALSIFIED – Downing Street Admitted in early May


LONDON – FRN has come to learn that in early May, Downing Street actually admitted that Covid-19 death certificates were being falsified. They use a euphemistic phrasing, but it is inarguably clear that this is the substance of the admission.

In the UK there has been tremendous push-back from citizens against a rapidly encroaching police state. No doubt the Crown and the Oligarchy are working in tandem so that any moves my government which don’t follow the established line, will be met by provoking a public atrocity that puts the people out in the streets. This is what we are seeing in Covid politics in the US.

“The ONS rates are people who’ve got COVID on their death certificate. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were infected, because many of them haven’t been tested.”

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