VIDEO PROOF of BRICK PALLETS: The Pro-Tests are Manufactured Dissent


By Joaquin Flores – FRN has compiled running reports and has enough first hand knowledge from labor and community organizing in the US (ACORN, SEIU) as well as working with governments and parties in the West Balkans and Russia, to make the determination that this uprising is manufactured. These are Pro-Tests not protests.

We recently showed readers that pallets of bricks had been dropped off, and protesters on the scene immediately called this out. Here is that video again.


Now it’s been revealed that involved in delivering the bricks was the Acme Brick Company. We can’t make these names up, folks.

Acme Brick Company, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway  (Bill Gates just recently left the board) & The Chicago Marmon Group founded by Jay & Robert Pritzker & Berkshire Hathaway.

This is a screen from Wikipedia, before it goes down the memory hole:

Wouldn’t it be curious if the contractors lined up to ‘rebuild Minneapolis’ will be using Acme bricks? Or if the contractor company is also owned by Berkshire Hathaway?


This is precisely why FRN has posed the question whether Mayor Frey was an arsonist.

Is Minneapolis Mayor Frey an Arsonist? We Need to Investigate pre-Protest Investment and Construction Plans


What follows are some general points regarding the Color Revolution underway in the US.

In the American case, as all cases, the details are specific and yet do not conceal the common thread. It’s designed to strike a nerve and further divide the American people along the obvious narrative driven lines which dominate the base of both parties. In short, that’s Democrat and Republican bases.

The most tragic part is that these bases actually agree on the substantive issues facing them, but they speak a different language and direct their two-minutes of hate at different iconic figures.

This is a Color Revolution scenario underway. Big questions now loom such as:

1 Will the second wave be declared into existence as a result of the protests?

2 Will an election still take place in November?

3 Is Joe Biden going to be the DNC nominee?

4 Will stacks of multiple-replicate ballots be ‘mailed out’ to throw the election?

In that last scenario, NGO’s and contact tracers will be used. We outline how, here:

FLORES: 7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump


Because the Color Revolution science may seem to work against the ‘legitimate uprising’ narrative, this is set aside as a ‘pro-regime’ or ‘right-wing’ conspiracy theory. But it is only right wing if you accept the anarcho-liberal paradigm of Saul Alinsky and Gene Sharp who characterize all state authority as right-wing.

This is how national liberation movements, secular and modernizing pan-arab leaders, 3rd world anti-imperialist movements are all now right-wing for these NED and USAID Trumanites. They are right wing – because it required a strong state to get things done. They prefer a weak state where multi-billion dollar trans-national corporations control politics through regulatory capture of privatized essential human services, education, and the protest movements that arise because the other things they control are designed to work not well enough.

That is their primary ‘democracy vs. dictatorship’ pseudo-theory. All this while remaining conveniently silent on the role of international banking, the IMF, austerity, structural adjustment schemes, monetary manipulation, weaponized inflation, privatization, and more. This is what causes the real financial dictatorships of misery in the lived lives of real people. Elected leaders start to look and behave a lot like dictators when they oppose that dictatorship of capital. The question is always not whether dictatorship, but whose dictatorship, if we define all strong government action as having dictatorial aspects.

Antifa is now a terrorist organization, and if one has ever encountered them in virtual spaces, you understand that they operate as the private security and ombudsmen of social media. Content they report gets taken down, except for categories ‘White Power’ and ‘Al Qaeda’ – because these are also projects operated by the deep state.

Because they can’t take those ‘White Power’ social media pages down, the rank and file subsist under the illusion that they are in some kind of ‘fight’. It wasn’t until 2019 that Facebook announced they would take down white power pages, and leaving us to ponder that one, realize that what remains is there for a reason.

Antifa parades in militant outfits and can be operationalized by any group that can speak its language. The fact that the executive branch has some control on Oathkeepers on the right, but do not have a radical left that is controlled by vectors usable by the executive branch, was an error.

The Protests are neither miraculous nor sudden, on multiple levels. 

Many of the issues that Antifa hashtag followers and protesters are concerned about are in fact real issues. These are issues that they had elected Democrat Party politicians to solve, and who failed to solve them. We can see clearly why it was so ‘smart’ for the establishment not to solve these problems. The problems can fester and be used as a weaponized part of larger plots in an inter-elite conflict, against one side or the other, without actually solving the problems.

That is  manufacturing dissent. 

The rights of the state to use violence against protesters once they have engaged in violence, to detain them en mass, already exists through a series of practices upheld in courts. Labeling all these people as terrorists unfortunately does not do much more in the way of curtailing the rights we might imagine they otherwise had. Because we do not in fact have them, as anyone familiar with Occupy Wall Street in NYC or May Day 2006 in Los Angeles, will attest.

All this is true despite that police agents have already been documented in these protests-turned-riots, for fomenting and causing property damage that effected that turn.

The biggest threat to constitutional rights is that those under the influence of Antifa, will be included. But this is a very messy situation, this will be a hot summer indeed.


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