Russia Faces Turkey in New War: Libyan National Army Fights Muslim Brotherhood Stronghold of Garyan


Marshal Haftar’s LNA enjoys the support of Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE. On the side  of the GNA of Saraj is Turkey and Qatar.

TRIPOLI – Over the past 24 hours, the Libyan city of Garyan has become a place of fierce clashes between the units of the Libyan National Army (LNA) fighting under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the formations of the Government of National Accord (GNA) which led by Faiz Saraj, and is composed also of Muslim Brotherhood fighters, with support from Turkey..

Garyan, located 80 kilometers south of Tripoli, is under the control of the GNA, like the Libyan capital itself. Earlier, Haftar’s troops managed to drive out Saraj’s detachments from the city of Al-Asaba (120 km west of Tripoli) and launch an offensive on Garyan.

1. Tripoli:
– Some sources reported of LNA intention to retreat from Tripoli airport and Qasr ibn Ghashir.
– Heavy battle between GNA and LNA in axes Ain Zara, Wadi Rabi and Kazirma.
– GNA sources claimed to control Kazirma completely.

2. Bani Walid:
Russian forces convoy retreated from Bani Walid to southern part of Libya.

3. Khaled al-Mashri a Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood leader:
– Russia doesn’t support Haftar but supports the previous government and Sayf al-Islam Gaddafi and their fans in Jufrah and Sirte.
– Unlike what announced in UN, no Syrian militant fights for us in Libya. We only use Turkish consulting in drones, air defense and modern weapons.

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4. Sirte:
GNA artillery bombed LNA positions in Sirte.

As reported today June 2 in the Libyan Express publication, the formation of the GNA has so far successfully restrained the offensive of the LNA by bringing “viscous fights” to it near the city.

The front line, it was reported on Monday night, was in the suburbs of Gut al-Ri, said Mayor Garyana Yousef al-Badri (GNA). According to him, the LNA opponent combines ground operations with air raids with the help of attack drones, delivered from the United Arab Emirates. It is alleged that the GNA units stopped all attacks of Haftar soldiers on the city.

In Libya in fact a new proxy war has unfolded in the Greater Middle East. Here, an extramural confrontation is expanding between Turkey, which backs the GNA and sent thousands of Syrian militant Islamists, from Muslim Brotherhood formations within ISIS and the FSA. Strike systems are to the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies, among which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stand out. Abu Dhabi supplies to the GNA, among other things, combat drones. Turkey sent thousands of Syrian militants to Libya from the al-Mutasim Division, the Sultan Murad Brigades, Sukur al-Shamal and other groups operating in northwestern Syria.

The ceasefire established in Syrian Idlib (according to the agreements of Russia and Turkey of March 5) Ankara is trying to use for the transfer of additional forces from Syria to Libya. In addition to the “Syrian armed opposition” mercenaries and large arms parties, Turkey had previously deployed a certain number of “military advisers” to Tripoli. According to Arab media, these are officers of the army special forces, as well as a group of employees of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) of Turkey.


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