The FRN Daily News Brief 2020-06-27

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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 3, articles about Anglo-5, Eu, Eurasia, Germany, Headline-News, Russia, United-States, China, Finance, Politics, Afghanistan.

Tags in this brief: Angela Merkel, Collective Defense, Eu, Geopolitics, Germany, NATO, Russia, USA, China, Coronavirus Fraud, Economy, Lockdown, Afghanistan, Deep State, Fake News, Intelligence Reports, War.

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MERKEL: ‘US No Longer A World Leader’

Published 2020-06-27 22:50:35 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Eu, Eurasia, Germany, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

BERLIN – The rest of the world can no longer take it for granted that the US still aspires to be a global leader and needs to readjust its priorities accordingly, German chancellor Angela Merkel warned. “We grew up in the certain knowledge that the United States wanted to be a world power,” the German chancellor said in an interview with a group of six European newspapers, according to The Guardian. “Should the US now wish to withdraw from that role of its own free will, we would have to reflect on that very deeply,” she added. Merkel, the first… Continue ->

Tags: Angela Merkel, Collective Defense, Eu, Geopolitics, Germany, NATO, Russia, USA

REPORT: Global Economy Lost at Least $126 bln Due to Lockdown

Published 2020-06-27 22:30:55 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, China, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Politics, United-States

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Geneva, Switzerland – A new survey conducted by the International Trade Center (ITC) found that international trade dropped across all four quarters of 2019, with declines intensifying in early 2020 in a “ripple effect that started in China”. According to the report, Chinese exports sank around 21 percent in February compared with a year earlier. While they recovered slightly in March, the lockdown started hitting exports from other countries, according to RT. Statistics showed that the exports from European countries and the United States decreased by eight percent and seven percent respectively, year on year. “The full effects of the… Continue ->

Tags: China, Coronavirus Fraud, Economy, Eu, Geopolitics, Lockdown, USA

RUSSIA: ‘Reports on Our Role in Killings of US Troops in Afghanistan Fake News’

Published 2020-06-27 22:06:05 by Drago Bosnic in Afghanistan, Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Media reports citing US Deep State intelligence assessments alleging that Russian intelligence has solicited killings of US troops by the Taliban in Afghanistan are yet another fake news pursing to disrupt the Afghan peace process, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. “We have paid attention to yet another fake news, released into media space by the US intelligence about Russian military intelligence’s alleged involvement in contracted killings of US troops in Afghanistan. This blunt story vividly illustrates the low intellectual abilities of US intelligence’s propaganda staff, who instead of making up something more… Continue ->

Tags: Afghanistan, Deep State, Fake News, Geopolitics, Intelligence Reports, Russia, USA, War

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