The Point is that Hillary would Have us in WWIII by Now – The Economy Was to Collapse in 2020 Either Way


Dear FRN Readers,

From plandemic to civil war, welcome to 2020. We’re doing our best to be with you through all of this. You can continue to rely on us to deliver a range of opinions both authoritative and representative, as well as our own in-house analysis of big events.

We were with you starting with the first violence of the Maidan, exposing how the deep state staged a coup in Kiev. We tied that to the same orgs, funding lines, and tactics as used in Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Libya.

Syria was monumental  because we saw for the first time clearly that the US empire was over.

Then the US had two choices.

Wind down the Empire, begin to restructure the internal economy, and do so within the basic framework of a republic. Work through coalitions to create counter-balance to growing Chinese power, as multipolar actors would act. Look at US integration with Latin American economy. Wind down NATO. Make sure the MIC is well greased and happily fed along the way. Encourage the dropping of bombs on sand and water.





Whatever one thinks about Trump, it was not ‘their’ plan for him to win.

Hillary was supposed to be the president, and in the words of the gentleman below, ‘set this shit off’.

“It wasn’t their plan for Trump to win. He may be a asshole a bigot, it doesn’t make a difference. It was not their plan for him to win. They  had a plan. And now they mad as shit”

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That said, of course there are layers and complexities. We can make it as complex as our understanding of the whole reality is, with all of its exceptions, nuances, and shades of grey.

To people who don’t think that there is an inter-elite conflict, and that this is entirely stage-managed, they haven’t done their homework and I would even suggest, haven’t been a part of this fight as we have.

A lot of armchair generals out there, who observe events at such a distance that simple narratives and the go-to usual suspects “control everything and are hiding under the bed” work for them.

That level of PR work for the enemy is amazing. The idea that they are so powerful is exactly the sort of fear and flattery that got them there. It’s a lot like US weapons manufacturers boasting that theirs are the best in the world.

The problem is that people polarize things, and get so many things wrong about Trump. By the time you’re done explaining it right, you’ve never advanced your own actual position. At the end of the day, people assume you’re pro-Trump.

Well maybe the view is different at 35 thousand feet. But here on the ground we can speak first hand to the infiltration, derailment, humintel issues we’ve dealt with, and the very real war on Trump that we felt before that, as a war on journalists covering Syria and Russia.

A lot of radicals, writers, analysts in the West can’t break down the truth like that. There’s a lot of reasons for this. You can probably imagine, or maybe you know.

I thought what this gentleman below said was worth sharing. He’s clearly read on the situation.



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