UNDER THREAT: Serbia asks Russia to protect Orthodox Church in the Balkans from NATO-Vatican Axis


BELGRADE – As the Orthodox Church faces ongoing attacks by NATO, Vatican, Atlantic Council, and Radio Liberty (RFE) backed endeavours to stoke autocephalic movements in the historically Orthodox world, new threats have emerged which will soon force the hand of the Kremlin to defend Christiandom in the east.

These western vectors have done so by stoking nationalism within Orthodoxy, a heresy based in national chauvinism known as ethnophyletism. The criminal and heretical conspiracy goes all the way to the ‘first among equals’ of the Church’s seat at Phanar, in the person of Bartholomew. Already now there is a defacto schism in the church between the Moscow Patriarchate and Constantinople.

Serbian President Alexander Vučić, during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, asked the Kremlin to protect the Orthodox Church in the Balkans.

As quoted by the press service of the Vučić administration, “the survival of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the region is in jeopardy.”

At the end of last year, Montenegro adopted the law “On freedom of religion and belief and the legal status of religious communities.” In accordance with the document, the church must return to the state all property, including land and buildings that were built or were in state ownership.

The Russian Federation will always defend the interests of Orthodox churches, in turn, Lavrov said.

“Russia will always defend the interests of the Orthodox churches, will always oppose attempts at state intervention in their internal affairs, will act hand in hand with the hierarchs of Orthodox churches in promoting the ideals of peacekeeping to eradicate numerous conflicts in our space,” the Foreign Minister quoted the minister as saying.

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