Vucic Entrusted with the Fate of Serbia: Political Scientists on the Victory of the Ruling Party

By Kirill Borschev


By Kirill Borschev for EAD

The Serbian Progressive Party (SPP), led by the current president of the country, Alexander Vučić , won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections on June 21, securing the support of a record number of voters.

According to the updated data of the Republican Election Commission, the coalition “Alexander Vučić – For Our Children” led by the SPP received 61.59% of the vote. In second place is the block of the Minister of Foreign Affairs “ Ivica Dacic  – ATP and the EU”, gaining 10.37%. The coalition “ Alexander Shapic  – Victory for Serbia”, led by the SPAS movement, closes the list of people who overcame a three percent threshold in the Assembly : they have 3.64%. In addition to the three winners, deputies from national minorities will also be part of the new parliament.

Russian political scientists and experts agree that the Serbian Progressive Party was able to win the highest credit of confidence of citizens largely due to the competent economic and social policy of its leader Alexander Vučić, as well as his personal qualities as head of state.

A senior employee of the Center for European Studies of IMEMO RAS Vladimir Olenchenko sees in the figure of Vučić a leader who has no equal on the Serbian political scene.


“ Vučić is a conscientious and honest politician. This does not apply to those who are scattered with promises. Serbia has a rather difficult situation, because there is a lot of pressure from outside – from the European Union, from the USA and from neighboring states. I think, of course, an alternative figure is not visible, ” Olenchenko said in a comment to RIA Novosti. – He [Vučić] firmly and clearly defends Serbian national interests, does it openly and shows courage. I think that the population sees this and trusts him the fate of Serbia . 

Konstantin Kalachev , a political scientist and head of the Political Expert Group, believes that Alexander Vučić’s key to success was his competent policy of supporting the population during the coronavirus epidemic.

“ Serbian authorities did not spare money for social support measures in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. One-time payments of 100 euros to each adult citizen, real support for small and medium-sized businesses, the convincingness of quarantine measures – 520 million euros were laid down for this in the budget of the richest country. Payments in the amount of 100 euros to each adult citizen of Serbia, regardless of whether he works or not and receives a pension, could not but give a return. Not everyone asked for help, but the feeling of general civic solidarity worked. According to preliminary data from the Serbian electoral commission, the SPP party is gaining 63.35% of the vote. (According to revised: 61.59% – approx. Author). Now it remains to agree with the Kosovo Albanians on the exchange of territories. The mandate for this has been received. ”– says Kalachev.

Director of the Progressive Policy Fund Oleg Bondarenko also believes that the acquired credit of trust and the high level of support for the population will allow Alexander Vučić to get Serbia out of the protracted regional crisis. A convincing election victory, according to Oleg Bondarenko, gives the president the opportunity to resolve the Kosovo issue.

“ This issue is the cornerstone not only for Serbia, but for the whole world. Do not forget that Kosovo has become a very serious precedent in world politics, which Abkhazia and Crimea also had in their genesis , ”the expert emphasized.

Illustration: Emilija Jovanović

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