WATCH: Highlights And New Weapons Unveiled During The 75th Victory Day Parade


MOSCOW – Exactly seventy-five years ago, the scourge of nazism was defeated in Europe. Russia, then known as the Soviet Union, was victorious after 4 years of the bloodiest battles in recorded history. The meaning of the Great Victory is arguably a more important and crucial question today than it was right after the war.

And although you may wonder how is that possible, the answer is quite simple. In 1945 and during the following years in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, Russia’s and indeed the world’s hardwon victory could not have been questioned by anyone. It was an axiom, a given, even in the staunchest Russophobic countries, even during the zenith of the Cold War.

However, nowadays, there are numerous attempts to diminish the significance or even denigrate the Great Victory. This perfectly explains recent efforts by Hitler’s former allies (all of whom are part of NATO nowadays) and even many of his former enemies in the West to rewrite history.

However, attempts to diminish the incomprehensibly massive sacrifice made by the selfless people of Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union are doomed to fail, for Russia still stands undefeated today, just as it stood then, and just as it will stand for centuries to come. URA!

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This video is a shortened, sped-up version of the full video and is mostly focused on Russia’s new weapons showcased during the 75th Victory Parade.

This is the full, uncut video of the parade.

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