By Arturo Gallegos


By Arturo Gallegos – It is well known that to any progressive change in the politics of a country there is a reaction to the contrary, in other words, the response of the conservative side. Not rarely this resistance of the privileged class to lose its advantages usually ends in violence. Old and recent history offers innumerable evidence of the above: from the murder of Julius Caesar by members of the Roman Senate belonging to the conservative “optimates”, to the coup against the constitutional president of Chile, Salvador Allende by the army.

The most violent and dangerous form of conservative reaction is undoubtedly fascism and its deadliest expression ever applied has been German Nazism. But how is it that such an ideology could prevail over the German political system in the period of the so-called Weimar Republic? To a large extent, the answer lies in the support that the Nazi party received from the large German businessmen and from the concessions that the traditional right-wing parties made in response to Hitler’s demands. However, the left’s militancy would be self-deceiving if it did not recognize its own mistakes. Above all, the misguided and disastrous policy of the Communist International to equate the German Social Democratic Party with the Nazi, thus preventing, until very late, a possible anti-fascist alliance of the German Communist Party with the Social Democratic Party.

The most disastrous thing for the left would be not to learn from these mistakes. But sadly there are still ultra-dogmatic organizations that continue to make this irresponsible assessment; a political line that is more the product of rancor arising from the division between social democrats and communists at the beginning of the 20th century, than from the careful and dialectical study of reality. So in Mexico, we have organizations and parties on the left, which maliciously or mistakenly equate the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) with all the previous ones belonging to the so-called neoliberal period. With this, they not only avoid the unity of a broad front that prevents the return of conservative forces to power, but also directly benefit the political right, which could return in the form of fascism, as happened in Chile.

But who represents fascism in Mexico? The answer is clear, the National Action Party has historically been and continues to be the political force in the country that more or less represents a fascist ideology. The PAN is a racist, macho, ultra-Catholic, homophobic, classist and rabidly anti-communist party. But paradoxically, and unlike the European and North American fascists who are ultra-nationalists, the PAN is, on the contrary, deeply treacherous and surrendering of the natural and human resources of Mexico. It is not a coincidence, then, that the PAN has close relations with the equally racist, treacherous and classist Venezuelan opposition, the ultra-Catholic coup regime in Bolivia or the militarized and pro-Yankee Colombian government.

Nor is it surprising then that the PAN and other ultra-conservative components of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and their respective satellite organizations are already in talks to form an opposition electoral front. This, with the objective of first, saving their electoral registry, and second and most important, removing Obrador and his party MORENA from the government. And for these reasons the most nefarious, discredited and rogue opposition members of Mexican politics are already grouping together in different forums, collectives, media outlets and organizations to repeat slanders against López Obrador, such as ex-presidents Calderón and Fox, pseudo-journalists like Loret de Mola, Andrés Sarmiento, Denise Dresser or Joaquín López Dóriga, the governors Jaime Rodríguez and Enrique Alfaro or the FRENA organization and the business chambers. All these individuals and collectives, together with many others, represent the Mexican proto-fascist nucleus.

Faced with this threat, it is necessary that parties and organizations that recognize themselves as leftists abandon their dogmatic positions and enter into an alliance with all the progressive forces of the country to close ranks. While it is true that the opposition is very weak, it is also true that they have the economic resources to strengthen themselves and that they surely will. For this reason, it is necessary that MORENA and President López Obrador also do the same, calling for the great unity of an anti-fascist democratic popular front to avoid any situation similar to that of Bolivia or Venezuela.

To articulate this front, the president must approach the combative unions and mass organizations such as the National Union of Electricians and the National Union of Mining, Metal, Steel and Similar Workers of the Mexican Republic. He should also rely on Marxist organizations that have been correct in understanding his government as one of a nationalist and progressive nature. Such parties would be, for example, the Popular Socialist Party of Mexico, the Party of the Mexican Communists and the Communist Movement of Mexico, which are already active in the defense of the “4th Transformation” and have a huge experience fighting fascism as well. At the end of the day, only the unity of the organized people can stop the offensive by the most conservative and reactionary sectors of Mexico. Make no mistake, the attacks against President López Obrador and his nationalist and popular government have already begun and will only escalate. So it is never too early to fight fascism.

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