BREAKING: Trump Proposes Delaying US Elections Citing Safety Concerns, Inaccuracy and Fraud of Mail-In Ballots

Will Dems Change Tune on HCQ as Prophylactic?

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WASHINGTON D.C – As a consequence of the ongoing politicization of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 response and the monopoly that tech firms have over erasing the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution in the public sphere, U.S President Donald J Trump just moments ago, tweeted that he is considering delaying the presidential election “until people can properly, securely, and safely vote.”
Mail-in voting – a highly problematic plan by Democrats to send empty ballots out – appears to threaten to make the November election the “most inaccurate & fraudulent” in US history, according to experts and the US President.

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Expressing concerns over mail-in voting, Trump raised the possibility of delaying the election “until people can properly, securely and safely vote.”



Democrats had attempted to triangulate and trap Trump in a commitment to keep the election date as November 3rd – despite that this comes in the fall when the same Democrat/DNC controlled mainstream media and the big tech monopolies (which now control the virtual public sphere) have warned that a huge and deadlier ‘second wave’ will be in full swing.


This came in the form of Biden having, last winter, accusing Trump of looking at such a possibility, causing Trump to respond that he would not. But things have changed, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey now doubling down on breaking US laws that distinguish publishers from platforms, by censoring the political speech of Americans and the US president. More to the point, this censorship relates increasingly to known drugs like HCQ – hydroxychloroquine – which appear to be very effective in treating Covid-19 symptoms in the early and mid stages of the virus-caused illness.

Will Dems Change Tune on HCQ as Prophylactic?

Trump’s informal proposal pushes back, and places the onus on Democrats to decide whether they want to maintain the severity of the pandemic trope, or whether they want to carry out a ‘normal’ election.

At the same time, Trump has approved the struggling camera and film giant, KODAK to produce hydroxychloroquine, with a $765 million dollar loan.

HCQ has been used safely and effectively for over half a century to treat a range of ailments, originally malaria, but in 2008 to treat SARS. The novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 is some 80% identical to SARS.

Therefore it is not as surprising that experts around the world promote the relative efficacy of HCQ as both a cure and prophylactic against Covid-19.

Regarding the election, it appears unlikely that Trump will delay the election if the US Congressional hearings on big media monopolistic practices, censorship, and the ongoing hysteria over Covid-19 produce results and are brought to heel.

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