MAJOR: Giving Venezuela a Break? US Troops Ordered to LEAVE Colombia


CARACAS/WASHINGTON, D.C. – US troops have been ordered to suspend activities in Colombia for 48 hours after a court ruled that their presence in the South American country was unlawful.

The finding came after legal action was initiated by a group of opposition senators, arguing that President Ivan Duque had deliberately violated the constitutional requirement that the entry of foreign troops into Colombia must be debated in the Senate, Morning Post reported.

At least 53 US soldiers were sent to Colombia on June 1 as part of a so-called Security Force Assistance Brigade, ostensibly to conduct counter-narcotics operations. But neighboring Venezuela has consistently warned of US troop activity in Colombia, which in May was used as a launch pad for an attempted coup against the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The administrative court in Cundinamarca backed the senators’ legal bid with Magistrate Bertha Lucy Ceballos Posada ordering Duque to report to the Senate on the US troop presence. Until then, the US soldiers must suspend all their activities.

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