MAJOR: Wayfair Company Reported to FBI for Operating Massive Online Human Trafficking Front


By Joaquin Flores

What is being termed a ‘conspiracy theory’ by access media emerged on Friday, touting that the Wayfair online store was using the sale of storage cabinets, pillows, and children’s related items, as a cover for child trafficking.

When asked for comment, a representative of Wayfair – a home decor company – immediately denounced as false.

However, a post on the social media website Reddit and others on Instagram, noted the irreconcilably high cost of the furniture — along with the fact that each item was identified by a female name.

But these weren’t just any female names, but the names of women who have been abducted in the past year. The cabinets were the same exact cabinet, but with different prices accompanying the different women’s names. 

What’s more, the prices aligned closely with what experts in law enforcement countering human trafficking have said is the going market rate for a teenage female abductee – about $10k.

The prices for the cabinets — some called Dunning, Duplessis, Alyvia, Neriah, Samiyah and Yaritza — ranged from $12,699.99 to $14,499.99 each, according to a screenshot posted in the “r/conspiracy” subreddit.

Samiyah Mumin, Samara Duplessis, Tori Dunning, as well as the other names, are girls who have been abducted and are still missing, as FRN has confirmed through a basic search engine query.

“Is it possible Wayfair involved in Human trafficking with their WFX Utility collection? Or are these just extremely overpriced cabinets? (Note the names of the cabinets) this makes me sick to my stomach if it’s true 🙁 ,” user PrincessPeach1987 wrote Thursday.

The post quickly drew more than 1,300 comments from the subreddit’s 1.3 million members, including the assertion that “the names are missing children.”

Since then, the information has already reached millions of Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram users within 24 hours.

Facebook and Instagram were suspiciously quick to censor these, with a ‘fake news’ or ‘misleading information’ tag, despite that there is nothing fake about the fact that the names match perfectly.  The prices are not the prices of cabinets (priced elsewhere for much less) but rather mirror human trafficking rates, and internet users did not misrepresent the website’s information nor were they wrong in saying that these were the same names of abductees. More to the point, there are not any cabinet names which are not the names of abducted women and girls. Finally, the FBI has been contacted and a report was made surrounding this, according to Redditer ‘SkydivingSquid’ who wrote:

Later we discovered different black cabinets with the same name/number sequence that were being sold between $9k – $10k. I suggested we report this to the FBI and they opened an investigation… Unfortunately, my friend called Wayfair asking about those cabinets yesterday and by the evening the items were gone…

However, nothing ever put on the internet or said on a cell phone ever goes away. The NSA and other intel agencies use massive hardrives to store billions of terabytes of information, of nearly every phone call or web-site ever made. They have been so in part under the provisions of the Patriot Act signed nearly 20 years ago.

This means that the FBI is yet to make any determination on the alleged connections, and the social media ‘warnings’ appear premature. 

What does Facebook/Instagram and Twitter know that the FBI does not? How were the two social media giants able to determine what the outcome of an investigation would be before it had been conducted? Is this a lack of concern for the facts and findings which law enforcement has not themselves made a determination on?

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“i cant access the cabinets anymore, but i remember a cabinet called Samiyah for like 12K, which is also a missing child from this month!” user coffeeismymuse added.

In a statement, Wayfair said, “There is, of course, no truth to these claims.”

“The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced,” the company said.

“Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point.”

However, this explanation seems unlikely as the same WFX utility cabinets have been available on Amazon for less than $300 – indicating that Wayfair was quick to give an answer at the expense of something more truthful.

In chat conversations with Newsweek, PrincessPeach1987 reportedly said they were “involved in a local organization that helps victims of human trafficking” and had become “suspicious most of the time now” as a result.

PrincessPeach1987 also characterized their initial post as less of a direct accusation and more of an effort to “see if anyone else had more details,” Newsweek said.

As of the late evening of July 11th, FRN confirmed on the Wayfair site that the information contained in now viralized screenshots – some with explanatory text by users written over later, unfortunately having the effect of making the images technically ‘altered’ – were indeed legitimate with many still on the Wayfair site. But internet sleuths have noted that a number of ad listings have been changed or removed in response to the public outcry.

Clinton Connection

Bringing more realism to the conspiracy is the fact that Wayfair Director Andrea Jung had been directly awarded by Hillary Clinton – a central figure in human trafficking conspiracy theories like ‘pizza gate’ which were lent credence by Wikileaks drops of emails – in 2010, with the Clinton Global Citizen Award.

For those following the White Rabbit, this piece is not only unsurprising but is the final nail in the coffin regarding the truth content of the conspiracy theory.

In FRN’s study of the surrounding allegations, there is also a tie to Ellen Degeneris, who is listed as a designer of one of the roughly $10k pillows, and Tom Hanks. Instagramers have claimed that entering in product codes associated with some items, along with a code he uses in an image in one of his own IG photos, sends search results on duckduckgo and yandex to images of very underage girls, often in suggestive poses, revealing clothes, or wearing beauty pageant makeup – hearkening images of JonBenét Ramsey.

These revelations will no doubt energize those focused on ending human trafficking, as well as provide a major boost to politicians and leaders who have taken up that cause.

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