Meet the X-32 Supersonic Missile that Awaits Joe Biden in Ukraine


MOSCOW – After the Russian Zvezda TV channel showed a video about the modernized Tu-22M3M, The National Interest published an article in standard form about the Russian bomber, in which they commented in detail on what they saw.

NI admitted that a plane with 80% updated avionics and X-32 missiles could cause US naval destroyers big problems in the Black Sea if the Russian command decides to deploy bombers in the Crimea.

US-Russia tensions in the Crimea and Ukraine have reduced to some degree with the upset victory of Trump over Clinton three years ago.

But with the US deep state making every arrangement to throw the election for Joe Biden, Russia has been forced to counter – to show the cognitively impaired candidate what awaits any foolish adventurism in Russia’s backyard.

Despite the updating of the fuselage, landing gear, and on-board systems, the key advantage of these aircraft is precisely the armament, as well as the ability to refuel. Previously, the Tu-22 had this function, but then fell under the strategic arms limitation treaty. Part of the “hose cones” was dismantled, part was sealed. But now Russia and the US are withdrawing from the treaties, so no one will limit anything now – the Tu-22M3M can be refueled in the air.

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According to military analyst Dmitry Kornev, the Tu-22M3M occupies a unique niche between a strategic and operational tactical bomber. It is smaller than the Tu-160M, however, it can take the nuclear “Dagger” under its wing and, in fact, be used as a strategic one.

Military expert Yuri Knutov believes that the Tu-22M3M can land on most airfields, including the Belbek near Sevastopol. Of course, this will be an unpleasant surprise for the destroyers “Arly Burke”, which have long plowed through the Black Sea, sparkling “Tomahawks”.

At the same time, it is tedious to admit that the Tu-22M3M is not a new one, but a Soviet machine, quite unstable, as it is literally filled with aviation fuel. Back in Soviet times, the Tu-22 was nicknamed the “Man-Eater” for its accident rate, as well as the “Supersonic truck”. The collapse of the Tu-22M3 in the Murmansk region in January is evidence of this. Of course, the landing was made in bad weather conditions, but all the pilots were experienced and it was unlikely that they made any serious mistakes. After hitting the ground, the bomber exploded and burned down like a fuel truck.

Nevertheless, the Tu-22M3M is quite an effective aircraft, which in capable hands is a formidable weapon. Moreover, more recently, the pilots received combat experience in Syria.

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