The Fight of Our Lives: Trump Already At War Against Liberal Censorship for Election 2020

By James Grundvig


By James Grundvig

American Collusion: Weaponized Media, Tech, and Government

They quickly deployed the “insurance policy” after Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in 2016. Like an annuity, the payments to the policyholders would be small and steady at first, then lead, they hoped, to a much bigger payoff: The removal of President Trump from office.

At least that was the plan. Three and a half years later, the big day never arrived.

From the unsubstantiated Steele dossier to the discredited Russiagate probe, the FISA court abuses, the deep state subversion, and the potholed-strewn road to impeachment, the Mueller Report was the glue that kept it all together. Without a smoking gun on the president, the Mueller Investigation reached and then overreached, picking off a few Trump confidants, in an attempt to tighten the noose. The results were half-baked. That’s usually what the FBI perjury trap tactic produces. Plea deals; no evidence of collusion.

Sure, the Robert Mueller Team collected a few big scalps in General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. But now that the Flynn indictment unraveled and was dismissed, the insurance claim turned into a liability for the policyholders. Trump is still president. And now investigations into collusion have moved in the other direction focusing on the planners of the insurance policy.

Going largely unnoticed, except for a few keen observers, the Trump Campaign turned social media into a clear advantage in 2016. Twitter emerged as the platform of choice, empowering Trump to communicate directly to the American people without filter, media biased, or interpretation, and with greater reach than the network news outlets combined.

In late October 2016, Jason Sullivan, then the Chief Twitter strategist for Roger Stone , used a datamining tool he created Power10 to peer into the public sentiment of the election. Blowing away the antiquated polling surveys, which we would learn were all wrong, Sullivan witnessed candidate Hillary Clinton catch up to Trump more than ten days before the election in real time.

Since that time, Jason Sullivan hasn’t told his story about what happened behind the scenes leading to the biggest presidential upset election in more than one hundred years. He wasn’t able to. That’s because the FBI swept Sullivan up in a dawn raid in early 2018, after intimidating other members of his family. The FBI hauled him off to testify under oath of perjury before the Mueller Special Counsel.

Surviving the FBI interrogation, Jason Sullivan retreated from the social media spotlight. That was until this June when he saw the establishment’s coordinated effort to tilt the 2020 election playing field against President Trump.

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns gave blue states cover for an all mail-in paper election. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa protests, looting and riots have further shutdown cities across the United States. Some have posed the theory that funds donated to BLM flow into ActBlue, another political organization, and into the DNC. [That’s been confirmed – ed, Flores]

The biggest lever in tilting election this year, emerges as the American collusion between the mainstream media and the tech giants as gatekeepers of information. They wield tremendous power on what can and cannot be said, seen, shared, or posted. They include Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, among others.


All this boils down to one objective: Censorship.

Trump Campaign’s Key Advisor Talks

Going through the Mueller interrogation, Jason Sullivan has a strong opinion on both censorship and what transpired during the last presidential election.

“On November 8th 2016, all the laws of gravity were completely defied and the legitimacy of every last one of the traditional political polls were utterly destroyed and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be completely inaccurate in what went down as the single biggest political upset in modern day history,” Sullivan said.

“The DNC, Hilary Clinton, the Obama Administration, all the Democrats, all the leading newspapers and publications, the establishment Republicans and the RINOs were ALL completely caught flat-footed! If any one of the traditional polls were remotely accurate, candidate Trump did not stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Presidential election.”

Sullivan concluded his first salvo, stating, “There is no one today who will argue that Donald Trump won the Presidency because of social media… not even President Trump. Social media is what allowed candidate Donald Trump to completely circumvent the mainstream media and get his message out directly to the people.”

On Twitter shadowbanning, Sullivan observed the “systemized censorship that if Twitter staff members didn’t like a user’s tweet, they would zap the user’s account, for a period of time. Meaning, everything the user would post would not show up on any of his followers news feeds. It’s like getting hit with a digital stun gun.”

Another deceptive tool Twitter deploys, includes “removing the user’s Twitter handle from its search function,” Sullivan explained. “The search wouldn’t show up or populate in the results of the Twitter search bar. In short, the Twitter handle would not be found by anyone attempting to visit the account.”

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Today, Twitter has been warning (President Trump twice), suspending (Candace Owens), and deleting accounts at a pace that’s picking up speed. Maybe this is due to Twitter’s fluid policies on “hate speech” and other rules that provide grey area to surgically remove some content, while allow other more insidious content to remain.

At the September 5, 2018, U.S. Congressional testimony, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed, in his opening statement: “Twitter is used as a global town square, where people from around the world come together in an open and free exchange of ideas.”

That’s a nice digital utopian vision. But if the “town square” is closed off to some, with groups of voices silenced? Then Twitter no longer becomes a “forum” for sharing ideas, but a gatekeeper with clear editorial controls.

What is interesting is Sullivan knows that Jack Dorsey and Twitter are censoring more people today than ever before. And he can prove it.

Weaponized Media, Tech, and Government,

What worries Sullivan are the other candidates in this election cycle. “Think about it,” he said. “Twitter is and has been systematically shadow-banning federal level senatorial and congressional candidates across the country. Twitter could prevent them from campaigning effectively by muting their voices from reaching potential voters.”

Jason Sullivan isn’t alone in his concern or his quest to expose the censorship being carried out by social media platforms. Bill Binney, the former NSA Technical Director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, has joined Sullivan in setting out to reestablish a level playing field for all candidates with respect to information censorship.

Twice, Binney submitted sworn affidavits to the court where the Mueller Team was trying General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. In both cases, the affidavits were submitted to the court. “It’s just that the judge would not allow my testimony in court,” Bill Binney wrote in an email interview.

On Russiagate, Binney stated the three things that bother him about the “insurance policy”:

A. “The lack of IC agencies (like NSA, CIA, FBI) looking at forensics of Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 data, or even stating what they had or did not have in their collection.”

B. “Mueller, Rosenstein, the House and Senate committees failure to listen to our VIPS testimony.”

C. “The refusal of judges in the Flynn and Stone cases to allow our Russiagate testimony in court.”

Binney added that the reason why mainstream media and its proxies continue to push Russiagate in July 2020, despite it being deconstructed, “would require them to admit that they have been pushing an outright fraud for three years. That’s too big a crow for them to eat.”

The insurance policy started as “a diversion to make it look like the Russians interfered and to set the basis to justify the Democratic effort to impeach President Trump,” Binney added.  “This effort and follow-on ones have failed as they too were obvious manufactured frauds.”

Binney explained the CIA’s software tool HammerDrill. “My understanding is that it uses NSA and other collection equipment to capture data plus some hacking tools to exfiltrate data.” In the case of domestic spying, “HammerDrill was used to keep the rest of government not knowing what the CIA and John Brennan were doing. If they used the NSA data they would have been recorded; same for FBI.”

Jason Sullivan recalled, “President Trump has been wise to the censorship since it all began. We know, because we have personally been feeding evidence to the people instrumental to the Trump Administration ever since he won the nomination at the Republican National Convention in July 2016.

On what Twitter is currently doing, Sullivan won’t discuss the more advanced shadow banning practices and methodologies, “because there is an on-going investigation by this Administration, by We the People, by reporters and investigators at-large, and by an army digital soldiers,” he said. “But I will say, we are hot onto social Media’s misdeeds and nefarious practices, for which the president is keen. POTUS has recently set the stage by his latest Executive Order on ‘Preventing Online Censorship.’

Bill Binney has summed up the past three years of a fractious America, stating, “Sad to say; but this is the most serious attack on our Republic since the Civil War.”

Jason Sullivan agrees with Binney. Together they make a formidable team to challenge Twitter and the other digital gatekeepers in the free flow of ideas.

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