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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 3, articles about Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States, Brussels, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, Germany, Politics, Russia.

Tags in this brief: Coronavirus Fraud, Lockdown, Mask, Social Distancing, Eu, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Sanctions, USA, Geopolitics, Military, Military Budget., Pentagon, US Senate, War.

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The Ultimate Divide and Conquer

Published 2020-07-27 15:29:54 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Russ Bangs – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Jul 20, 2020 FRN “It has frequently been observed that terror can rule absolutely only over people who are isolated against each other and that therefore one of the primary concerns of tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about. Isolation may be the beginning of terror; it certainly is its most fertile ground; it always is its result. This isolation is, as it were, pretotalitarian; its hallmark is impotence insofar as power always comes from people acting together, acting in concert; isolated people are powerless by definition.” Hannah Arendt, The Origins of… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus Fraud, Lockdown, Mask, Social Distancing

US Intensifies Pressure, Expands Sanctions on European Contractors of Nord Stream 2

Published 2020-07-27 12:20:46 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Brussels, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, Germany, Headline-News, Politics, Russia, United-States

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States authorities have intensified pressure on European contractors of construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline recently, threatening with “far-reaching” consequences if they continue cooperating with the project, the German Die Welt paper wrote on Saturday with reference to sources. The United States authorities have started holding bilateral talks via videoconference with representatives of contractor firms of Nord Stream 2 from Germany and other European countries, according to the publication. All in all, 12 officials from three ministries, the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Energy, participated from… Continue ->

Tags: Eu, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Sanctions, USA

Senate United in Rejection of Pentagon Budget Cuts, $740 bln for ‘Securing Peace and Prosperity’ Around the World

Published 2020-07-27 11:38:23 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Finance, Headline-News, Politics, United-States

PENTAGON – The US Senate has passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act, allocating $740.5 billion to the Pentagon. The bill was passed a day after an amendment proposed to cut the Pentagon’s budget by 10 percent and redirect that funding toward significant investments in education, healthcare, and housing in poor communities. This, however, was rejected in the Senate, with a majority of Democrats siding with the GOP. The Senate bill includes $636.4 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget, $25.9 billion for national security programs within the Department of Energy, and $69 billion for the Overseas Contingency Operations account…. Continue ->

Tags: Geopolitics, Military, Military Budget., Pentagon, US Senate, USA, War

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