VIDEO: Did RFK Jr Indicate that JFK Jr is Alive? See what Sparked the Controversy


Several days ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared to indicate that JFK Jr. is still alive, during a somewhat unrelated livestream  conversation. During the stream, live comments included a particular viewer who asked RFK Jr. to ‘Touch your nose is JFK Jr. is alive’. After several prompts, RFK Jr. made an undoubtedly deliberate nose touch. This was clearly not a scratch, and it did not happen later at random – but right when it was requested. Furthermore, he seems to wink and smile at the same time, as can be seen clearly in the video below.

FRN is in no position to further investigate the finer details behind the nose touch, nor can we read RFK Jr.’s mind and say for certain what his intentions were with this indication.

But what appears to be part of the background is that a segment of Trump’s populist base, known as the Q movement – some who call themselves ‘Anons’ – have a smaller sub-group within it that subscribes to a view that Trump is working with a still-alive Democrat RFK Jr. to bring down the ‘deep state’. This segment is not particularly right wing and supports Trump for a series of populist reasons, tends to be supportive of social-democratic reforms like medicare for all. It is believed that many in this group were formerly Democrats who have sat out elections for several decades in the aftermath of the great betrayals against the working and middle class during the Clinton years.

This wing of QAnon believes JFK was the last constitutional president (until Trump’s upset) before a coup d’etat was staged by the deep state acting through the CIA. It is believed by insiders that the Q movement on the balance is quite large, and also explains why in part some 52% of Republicans today support socialist medicine.

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The idea is that JFK Jr. was informed by ‘white hats’ in the military intelligence that Hillary Clinton or other members of the ‘cabal’, that there was a hit on him, and faked his death – the notorious plane crash in 1999.

RFK Jr. for his part has been a leader of a sound-science movement to push against the regulatory capture of public health policy on vaccines by for-profit pharmaceutical companies. In that capacity, he has on several occasions met with the Trump administration to discuss the status of vaccine science and public policy.


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