It’s a lie: Ukrainian politician tells why today’s Independence Day is no holiday

Enterprises that our forbears built for all, now fatten oligarchs like Firtash



Ukraine’s main holiday, “Independence Day,” celebrated on August 24, is built on a lie, so for a normal person this date cannot be considered a holiday.
Ukrainian politician, head of the Union of Left Forces party Vasily Volga posted this on his Facebook page.
“Soon the holiday of Independence. They tell me that I should enjoy this holiday. They tell me that on this day I have to put on a special kind of rural clothing (embroidered shirt), go to the Maidan, sing the Anthem, love the flag, kiss the coat of arms, and show patriotism in every possible way.
When I say that I cannot be happy on this day, that on this day I feel bad and sad, they tell me that I am a bad citizen, a bad patriot, and indeed I am a bad person.
And I’m bad because, in THEIR opinion, I don’t like this new state, which appeared on the world map thirty years ago, as a result of the destruction of another country that I really loved, in which I was born and which was my great Motherland. Ukraine was also in that Motherland of mine, and moreover (!), Ukraine was created by it, and I loved Ukraine, created by Soviet Russia, as my small homeland, as an integral part of that big kind, generous and strong united country,” wrote Volga.
The politician noted that in his life he owes everything to “that Great Country.” “She taught me, nursed me, gave me a path in life. I served her, worked for her, protected her, but did not protect: I couldn’t even understand how it all happened. Where I served – beyond the Arctic Circle – there was tundra, the Northern Lights, submarines and the polar night. Newspapers wrote something, said something on TV about the new Union Treaty.

Then our crew was urgently raised by an alarm and all ships were brought to full combat readiness, we went out on the roads. We were told the strange word GKChP. Then there was a retreat. Then we were told that the Soviet Union no longer exists,” Volga said.

He recalled that after the proclamation of “independence” there was massive unemployment, the loss by millions of people of all their savings on books in the Savings Bank, then the lads, racketeering, Chechnya …“

And they tell me today that I should be happy about it. They say that this was my eternal dream, and that my parents and my grandfathers, who fought for my Great Motherland, secretly even dreamed of this, that even they, in fact, wanted its destruction and the appearance of Nezalezhnosti with the oligarchs.
But I don’t believe THEM. It’s all Lies. Because my grandfathers fought for a common homeland – a big one. My parents did not work to create Severodonetsk Azot so that today it would just benefit [Dmytro] Firtash all by himself, but instead, benefit the entire people of my Motherland, for millions of people. So that we would all benefit from the billions of dollars that today just fatten Mr Firtash,” the politician added.
“I don’t believe THEM, and therefore I cannot and will not rejoice. I will be sad, and in spite of the Assumption Fast, I will drink vodka and listen to Utyosov sing about Odessa, and I will watch the film “I walk around Moscow,” stated Volga.

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