MAJOR: Germany Awakens as Half-a-Million March Against Covid-19 Lockdown, Masks, Distancing


BERLIN – A large-scale rally against restrictive measures in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has taken place in Berlin today, August 1st. The procession started on the boulevard Unter den Linden and moved along the central streets of the city at noon local time.

The marchers shouted energetic slogans “Show me your Smile!”, “We are loud because our freedom is being stolen!” “No to Dictatorship – we’ve seen this before!”, “Arrest Bill Gates!”

“Since the meeting at Unter den Linden was quite crowded, our colleagues strongly point to the need to maintain the necessary distance,” the press service of the Metropolitan Police wrote on Twitter.

According to their data, which are confirmed by the footage coming from the scene, practically none of those present were wearing masks. Some of the participants brought with them flags with the symbols of various federal states.

The event is held under the slogan: “Freedom Day – End of the Pandemic.” The protesters reached the 17 June Street, where a mass demonstration began.

According to the local newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, one of the organizers of the action was the initiative Querdenken 711 from Stuttgart, which claims to defend fundamental freedoms. According to the slanderous publication, it includes mainly supporters of conspiracy theories, right-wing extremists and deniers of the existence of the new coronavirus. Russian, German, and American mainstream media have all echoed the claim that this march is ‘far right’ in nature.

However, photographic evidence of the event shows not only nationalist, but also left-socialist, green party, liberal, conservative, social democratic, and LGBT presence. This would seem to indicate that opposition to the WHO and IMF mandated lock-downs, and opposition to the work of eugenicist Bill Gates, has moved beyond either conspiracy circles, or the fringes of the radical left or radical right.

According to Berlin Senator for Internal Affairs Andreas Geisel, a number of participants were going to be taken to Berlin by buses from Baden-Württemberg.

The police are watching the observance of order from helicopters. The situation is still quite calm. Berliner Morgenpost reports only one skirmish. According to eyewitnesses, during the action a masked unknown dressed in black attacked one of those present. In addition, one of the groups who had gathered tried to enter the hotel’s underground parking lot.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), since the beginning of the pandemic in Berlin, 9274 infected have been identified, 223 have died.

In Germany, there has allegedly been a jump in the incidence of COVID-19 since late July. The infection rate, which is denoted as R, here on July 29 exceeded one: this means that one carrier of the virus, on average, infected more than one healthy person. State and corporate backed experts suggest that vacationers who have returned from abroad are a possible reason for the rise in R. However, experts ‘not on the dole’ have shown that the real number is going down – it is testing that has increased, and moreover, these tests are often the unreliable RT-PCR test, infamous for its false results.


Freedom Day: Massive Protests in Berlin due to Quarantine (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Russian spring
Freedom Day: Massive Protests in Berlin due to Quarantine (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Russian spring
Freedom Day: Massive Protests in Berlin due to Quarantine (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Russian spring
Freedom Day: Massive Protests in Berlin due to Quarantine (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Russian spring


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