VICTORY! Montenegrin NATO Deep State Socialists Defeated – Djukanovic Dictatorship Ends in Election Upset

Activists work towards long-game of reunification with Serbia


Podgorica – According to preliminary results, the victory in the parliamentary elections in Montenegro was won by the combined forces of the opposition, which bypasses the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of the country’s president Milo Djukanovic and its traditional partners and financiers from New York and Brussels.

The State Election Commission of Montenegro (SEC), based on 98.55% of processed ballots, published the preliminary results of the vote. It is estimated that the new parliamentary majority in Montenegro will be made up of three opposition coalitions – “For the future of Montenegro”, “The world is our nationality” and “Black and white”, according to the Center for Monitoring and Research.

The coalition for the Future of Montenegro, which won 32.54% of the vote, will receive 27 seats in the new parliament.

The “Peace is Our Nationality” coalition has 12.55% of the vote and 10 mandates.

Another 4 deputy seats went to the Black and White coalition, which was supported by 5.57% of voters.

Thus, the opposition receives 41 mandates out of 81. The Democratic Party of Socialists of President Milo Djukanovic and its coalition “Resolutely for Montenegro” received 35.12% of the vote, RTS reports.

Djukanovic yet to cede, explosive scenario

Despite the opposition announced its victory, the current president of the country announced the need to wait for the final vote count , which could tip the scales in his favor. The opposition and the current government are divided by 1 deputy mandate. Nevertheless, Zdravko Krivokapich , who heads the coalition “For the Future of Montenegro”, yesterday, commenting on the defeat of Milo Djukanovic’s party, said that “freedom has come to Montenegro.”

“Whoever waits will wait. After 31 years of absolute power [Milo Djukanovic], this was bound to happen. Anyone who goes against God and St. Basil of Ostrog must end this way, ”Krivokapich said.

The election was fueled by three decades of disatisfaction with rule by Milo Djukanovic, the so-called ‘socialist’ plutocrat, longtime ally of the Clinton-Bush crime syndicate.

Activists warn that any games by Djukanovic to hold onto power will result in a sweeping occupy-style mobilization in the capital.


The final straw that mobilized thousands to vote, despite Djukanovic’s attempts at election fraud, were crimes against the Serbian Orthodox Church, the canonical church in Montenegro. Djukanovic has been supporting, alongside the Vatican and his NATO bosses, the growth of an autocephalous ‘Montenegrin Orthodox Church’, without religious or theological support. In turn, this in abstract form represents the cultural and economic destruction of this Serbian land by the hands of NATO, who forced an illegal referendum that tore Montenegro from the rest of Serbia on May 21st, 2006.

There has been an ongoing and systematic attempt by the pro-NATO oligarchy led by Djukanovic to destroy the historic and existing ties between the Serbian land of Montenegro, and Serbia. The NATO maneuver effectively deprived Serbia of access to the Adriatic Sea, in the aftermath of the NATO initiated destruction of Yugoslavia throughout the 1990’s.

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