WATCH: US Occupation Troops Injured in a Standoff With Russian Forces in Syria


Hasakah, Syria (SF) – Aug 26, 2020 – A number of U.S. service members were injured during a recent standoff with Russian forces in northeast Syria, U.S. officials told Reuters on August 26.

According to one of the officials, the service members sustained “mild injures” as a result of a collision with Russian forces. The official said there was no exchange of fire during the standoff, which took place earlier this week.

Russian sources shared several videos of the incident. One of the videos shows Russian and U.S. armored vehicles chasing each other in the al-Hasakah countryside. A second video shows a Russian helicopter harassing U.S. troops attempting to block a Russian patrol in the region.

RuAF Mi-17 leaves the US occupation troops in the dust

Playing “cat and mouse” in Hasaka

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A “joint patrol” of Americans and Russians in Malikyah ends a bit bumpy for “freedom and democracy”

The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the U.S. Department of Defense have not released any official statements on the incident, thus far.

Several similar incidents involving Russian and U.S. troops took place in Syria’s northeastern region over the last few months. Nevertheless, this is the first time injures are reported.

The incident was likely the result of U.S. occupation forces’ repeated attempts to restrict the movement of the Russian Military Police in northeast Syria. These attempts are jeopardizing stability in the region.

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