Whose Land is Bosnia?

By Grey Carter


By Grey Carter – Excerpts from different Encyclopedias –

The original settlers of geographical regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are SERBS. They were, until recently, the LARGEST ethnic group there.
(This collides with the claim of the Western press that Serbs are aggressors in Bosnia.  How can one be an aggressor defending OWN property?)


Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1971
Reference: EB, Edition 1971, Volume 3, page 983, Entry: Bosnia, history
End quote.
Note: Croats settled much later and in insignificant numbers. That is why they are not mentioned much in the literature.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1990
Reference: EB, Edition 1990, Volume 29, Macropedia, page 1098, Entry: Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herz.

Collier’s Encyclopedia, Edition 1956
Reference: Collier’s Encyclopedia P.F. Collers & Sons Corporation Volume 19, Edition 1956, YUGOSLAVIA, … Ethnology and Population, page 661
BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA… THE LARGEST SINGLE NATIONAL ELEMENT IS THE ORTHODOX SERBS, followed by Moslem Slavs (few of whom can trace their origin to Turkish colonists) and Catholic Croats…

…The republics of Croatia and Slovenia are predominantly Roman Catholic, while the republics of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA (!!!) are predominantly ORTHODOX
(End quote)

Pictures of few old Serbian Orthodox churches throughout Bosnia – Hercegovina, from left to right:
1. Mostar  Bosnia-Herzegovina, the old Bridge with a view to SRPSKA PRAVOSLAVNA MITROPOLIJA (SERBIAN ORTHODOX METROPOLITAN) on the right.
Completely destroyed by Croatian forces 1992.
2. pic. bellow – an old postcard of the Serbian Orthodox church in Tuzla
3. old Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Sarajevo.
(After Belgrade, Sarajevo was the largest Serbian city in Yugoslavia, according to the nationality of its inhabitants)

Serbian family from Sarajevo area, Bosnia in traditional costume 

Note: Muslims are mostly Serbs (and some Croats) who converted to Islam during the Ottoman occupation for the benefits given to them by the Turkish (Islamic) Empire. In other words – they collaborated with the occupying enemy. They were, in modern terms – quislings.

20180317113248_257689SHORT ANALYSIS

The largest ethnic cleansing in the known history of the Balkans is done by the West. It is done with American bombers bombing Serbian Christians for the sake of Muslim fundamentalists.



One should ask the following questions:

– If the Christian Serbs founded the city of Sarajevo more than a thousand years ago, why should they be expelled from their city in order to make the largest Muslim city in (as media says it) “the heart of Europe”?

– Why did 150,000 Serbs who were born in Sarajevo and who had houses, old family graves and other property (frequently inherited from generation to generation), had to be robbed of everything they ever had and thrown to bare mountains?

– If the Serbs successfully defended their property from the Islamic onslaught, why did the West (and in particular – the Europeans) help the history old Islamic Jihad come true?

The tragedy the world decided not to see – Serbian mother’s cry over the remains of her son massacred in Bosnia

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This can help you understand how did it happen that the Muslims surpassed, in population count, the Serbs. What is not seen from these numbers is that some 500,000 Serbs were murdered, in the most gruesome way, in WWII, at hand of their Croat and Muslim neighbours and their Nazi troops – ustashi and SS Handschar ( like Jasenovac, Jadovno, Kozara, etc )

Census from 1948 and 1981:

Year of the census: 1948 1981  
TOTAL POPULATION: 2,561,961 4,124,256 
                      1948            1981:
Serbs:         1,136,116  –  1,320,738
Muslims:    788,403 – 1,630,033 <=======
Croats:         614,123  – 758,140
Yugoslavs:       0      –    326,316

In other words: Muslims more than doubled their numbers in less than 40 years Also, due to the facts that they were living among those who were hunting and murdering them during WW II  ( both Bosnian Muslims and Croats were Nazi nations with many concentration and death camps for Serbs, but also for Jews and Roma people), many Serbs declared themselves to be (simply) Yugoslavs.

Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches on the territory of Bosnia – Hercegovina

Destroyed Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches on the territory of Croatia and Bosnia – Hercegovina by Muslim and Croats 1991 – 1995.

Excerpts from Encyclopedia Britannica about the SERBIAN CULTURE
Reference: EB, Edition 1943, Vol 20, Pages 341, 342
Entry: Serbia, History

” The Nemanyich Dynasty and the Serb Empire:… …Stephen Nemanya became the Grand Zhupan of Rashka in 1159. He succeeded in uniting all the Serb countries except Bosnia under his rule, and though he never took the title of a king, he was the real founder of the Serb kingdom and of the royal dynasty of Nemanyich, which reigned for nearly 200 years. His youngest son, Prince Rastko… went to a convent in Mount Athos… became a monk, and afterwards, under the name Sava, the first archbishop of Serbia… he… encouraged learning [and] is regarded as the great patron of education among the Serbs, as a saint, and one of the greatest statesmen…
…[Nemanyich] Stephen Dushan [reigned 1331-1355] was a great soldier and statesman. Seeing the danger which menaced the disorganized Byzantine empire from the Turks, he tried to prevent the Turkish invasion of the Balkan Peninsula by replacing that empire with a Serbo-Greek empire…
Towards the end of 1345, he proclaimed himself “Emperor of the Serbs and the Greeks,” and was solemnly crowned in Skopje [recently – the capital of  FYRO Macedonia] on Easter day in 1346. At the same time, he raised the archbishop of Petch [Kosovo], the primate of Serbia, to the dignity of Patriarch. Three years later [in 1349] he convoked Sabor (PARLIAMENT ) at Skopje to begin a codification of the laws and legal usages. The result was a publication, in 1349, of the Zakonik Tsara Dusana (Tsar Dusan’s Code), a code of great historical interest which proves that Serbia much advanced the foremost European states in civilization.

In 1355. Dusan began a new campaign… the object of which was to unite Greeks, Serbs and Bulgarians and prevent the Turkish power taking root on European ground. … He died suddenly on Dec. 20, 1355.”

End quote.

Note: Tsar Dushan’s Book of Law proclaimed, for the first time in the history of the Western civilizations that everyone is treated equally before the law. The same law applies to both the noble and the peasant. (This medieval Serbian ideal – as we see it everyday news – is not yet reached in today’s America).

Note: The last sentence just shows that, very early, the Serbs could master enough tolerance to try to unite different Christian nations in defence against Islamic onslaught on Europe.

Emperor Dushan the Mighty

refferences: srpska-mreža.com

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