BIDEN: ‘200 MILLION Americans Will Die of COVID-19 by The Time I Finish This Talk’ (VIDEO)


Philadelphia, PA, USA – Presidential candidate Joe Biden issued a “stark warning” to Americans, saying that “200 million people will die” of COVID-19 by the end of his short speech, as his wacky math once again raised concern over his progressive dementia. Speaking in Philadelphia on Sunday, Biden slammed President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one of his statements stood out, RT reported.

“It’s estimated that 200 million people will die, probably by the time I finish this talk,” he announced, waving his arms for emphasis.

Biden was likely trying to talk about the 200,000 Americans whose deaths have been attributed to the COVID-19 since the pandemic began earlier this year. However, conservative commentators saw his flub as further evidence that the former vice president isn’t all there mentally.

Biden has fumbled his figures before, claiming earlier this summer that more than 120 million Americans had died of COVID-19, overstating the true death toll by a factor of 1,000. Back in February, he claimed during a primary debate that “150 million” Americans had died of gun violence since 2007 – nearly half the country’s population.

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