BREAKING: Graphic Video of Deceased ANTIFA Michael Reinoehl After Fugitive Task Force Shoots and Kills


FRN earlier today republished the in-depth report from RedState – this can be read here.

This is the footage from a pedestrian citizen using a smart phone, as he narrates the events he just witnessed – the police shooting of Michael Reinoehl after what we may presume was a failed apprehension. As we can hear him clearly towards the end, he questions why anyone would want to get into a shoot-out with police. This strongly indicates that the witness either heard shots from the ANTIFA member (suspected of murdering  “Jay” Aaron Danielson of the Patriot Prayer militia group several days ago in Portland) as well as police, or at least believed Reinhoel was prepared to use his weapon.


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Critics on social media, partial to the ANTIFA group, are alleging (without physical evidence) that Reinoehl was killed by the officers involved in concert with AG Barr. Here, the officers would be of the belief hat his trial would be prejudiced by a PR campaign launched by Vice and social media giants, typically sympathetic to ANTIFA, and would have carried out a ‘summary execution’ in order to avoid a trial which could play a role in the upcoming 2020 presidential election on November 3rd.

Others critical of ANTIFA have said that the shooting was done to silence Reinoehl so that he could not testify on those supporting him, or others involved. Simultaneously, and similar to this, is the view that Reinoehl was some sort of MK-Ultra type subject (no direct evidence of this claim), and would have been compelled by his alleged psy-op handlers to ‘go down in glory’, towards the same end – of avoiding an interrogation and trial which may have revealed a broader conspiracy.


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