FLORES: How Can the Deep State’s Antifa Organization Be Stopped?

By Joaquin Flores


By Joaquin Flores, for Strategic Culture Foundation

Antifa has become a pseudo-fascist tool in the Color Revolution underway, as part of a coup against the executive branch’s administration, and the massive geopolitical and economic shift that administration represents. The methods of the 2016 election would see Trump win by an even wider Electoral College margin in 2020. For these reasons, it was necessary for the deep state to introduce a whole array of ‘extraordinary circumstances and new rules’: staged riots and ballot harvesting in order to change the election outcome.


The threat of Antifa will always exist so long as the U.S. continues to produce a new-left radicalized permanent under-class, as seen now.

The three ways to stop Antifa are to A.) Remove its funding sources and de facto leaders; B.) Create a production-driven economy; C.) Defund humanities departments promoting critical race and gender theories; and D.) Rehabilitate its hardened members.



Remove Antifa’s Funding Sources and de facto Leaders

Antifa is a terror organization operationalized and functionally created by the deep state. One of the front group NGOs that funnels money to Antifa is ‘Democracy Alliance’, which has Kamala Harris, George Soros, Tom Steyer, BLM Corporation, and many more, as members or backers. BLM Corporation is heavily financed by George Soros. Any number of the backers, members of ‘Democracy Alliance’ and similar, form an interconnected web of organizations apparently financing each other – until one locates a critical billionaire oligarch or their front – such as the Ford Foundation, the Kellog Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg, Soros through Open Society Foundations, and the likes. There are also many thousands of smaller – though quite sizable – donations from relatively wealthy individuals with histories of donating to center-left causes.

The other components of Democracy Alliance are organized labor and elected politicians – a critical component because the staff organizers of labor unions are professionally trained in organizing, and turn-out. They work in spheres both electoral and street activism.

This was realized in the nexus between SEIU and the Bernie Sanders campaign, whose moneys came through both COPA/COPE moneys from labor, and from Act Blue donations to Sanders – which in turn went to the Working Families Party and Our Revolution.

The role of SEIU and the AFL-CIO in this chart below should not lend to confusion that this is operationalized in the interest of organized labor. Organized labor is in steady decline precisely because of its subservience to the DNC, and the rotating door between labor union management and the HR departments of the same companies organized yesterday, or to the DNC itself which facilitates that.

This graphic shows the web of Democracy Alliance, which should be viewed at the original source below because it can be enlarged:

Housing a core of the violent vagabond Antifa ‘fascist’ drifters at a tent-city encampment in Portland is a whole collection of opportunistic NGOs.

Presenting these as made possible by a lot of ‘grass-roots’ sounding NGOs obfuscates the relatively small number of above mentioned donors whose funds ultimately control the direction of the work, even though many (perhaps millions) of small contributions have been used for these ends, even though those donors thought they were donating to other causes. Note also that the legal pretext of the space in the tent city sign, meaning also that public dollars went to this, is Covid-19.

And so with Antifa, as with anything else, we have to assess which class it works in the interests of and, perhaps more clearly, which class finances its activities. In the case of Antifa, we will be repeating, it is a billionaire-oligarch machine used in demagogic ways as part of a strategy of tension, and indistinguishable in that sense to both pre-war and post-war fascism itself.

In that sense which a RICO type prosecution can establish, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is Antifa’s ‘Minister of Information’. George Soros is its ‘Chief Financial Officer’.

Antifa members/adherents need to be liberated from the toxicity of Antifa’s methods, and from the yolk of the billionaire-philanthropic, NGO and DNC ecosystem which keeps them ensnared.

As far as this goes, donations to BLM were done through ActBlue – the DNC’s primary online donations system. Through this and parallel BLM related NGOs and charities, Antifa rioters had their bail posted using BLM moneys. In that sense, Antifa is how whites involve in BLM riots, but the ‘capture and release’ policy which Antifa enjoys is carried out under the auspices of local government leniency towards BLM, not Antifa, since Antifa does not exist as on organization outside of how prosecutors will use RICO to establish it as such.

Remember, there were very few Antifa manifestations, largely these were carried out under the BLM banner and using BLM funding to acquire permits, pay for police overtime where applicable, funds for city clean-up afterwards, and BLM funds for legal needs were used a well. Regarding property damage, there will no doubt be strong evidence revealed that large property investment firms involved in urban renewal and gentrification projects had, at the very least, foreknowledge that arson-riots would ensue.

Antifa does not believe itself to have Dorsey, Harris, and Soros as leaders, they do not believe themselves to exist as an organization outside of smaller cells which may appear to vary ideologically along the spectrum of anarchism, libertarian socialism, anarcho-communism, communism, socialism, social-democracy, gender/queer theory, and atheism/’ironic’ Satanism. They simply imagine that Twitter is a relatively ‘open’ platform, and that ‘far right’ or ‘alt-right’ accounts get banned and silenced as the mere result of ‘gang reporting’. They might think that Dorsey is a ‘progressive’ that is only somewhat skewed in their direction, but perhaps only for ‘market’ reasons. Just like ISIS members believe they are independent of Saudi Arabia, and may hold the Saudis in great disdain.

With the exception of Antifa leaders who are on the dole and in the know, the vast majority of Antifa adherents/members truly despise the Democrat Party. Even Bernie Sanders was too moderate, even as the betrayal of Sanders by the DNC has activated support for Antifa, believing that without legitimate democratic recourse, ‘direct action’ is the only realistic choice. This means that connecting the dots and showing how Antifa is controlled by billionaire oligarchs, is unbelievable to them.

Dorsey, Harris, Soros, and others will have to be cut-off from Antifa, probably through direct law enforcement methods.

Harris as an experienced DA represents a theory and practice of law enforcement that works through secret societies and related networks, which forms the African American (though she is not) component of the larger pseudo-Crowleyite occult network that forms the ideological glue of the Deep-State nexus. They may use occult symbolism and certain rites and rituals, and project a radical theory on spirituality as well, which is reinforced by the African and syncretic (Afro-Caribbean, deep-south) religious studies departments at HBCUs – themselves the chief recruiting ground for BLM leader-activists. Among the deities worshipped is Ogou-Feray, a god of war, law enforcement, vengeance as justice, and iron tools and weapons.

On top of that, Harris’ theory of law enforcement informs other local District Attorneys in areas that BLM-Antifa riots are needed, so that a ‘catch and release’ policy can be put in place and justified along apparently legally sound grounds, normally surrounding 1st Amendment rights. This is one where violent acts are interpreted as protected speech, borrowing heavily from legal theory that protects avante-garde art displays of violence in the public sphere, such as those of performance artist and Rothschild consultant, Marina Abramovic.

There really isn’t an Antifa without these financial and legal backers, but since we now have a large population already indoctrinated, they are still capable of carrying out smaller attacks even without their backers in place. And moreover, the foundation for Antifa type organizations in the future will continue to exist so long as rampant unemployment persists.

Create a Production and Work Driven Society

The long-term solution means creating new jobs at livable wages through the re-negotiation of trade agreements and moves towards an autarchy-based economy.

This shutdown and quarantine has led to the single-largest upwards redistribution of wealth since Obama’s banker bail-outs and quantitative easing, providing Antifa ample recruiting ground.

That same 2007 global crisis led to the Arab Spring phenomenon, and the formation of ISIS – which it was intended to by those same oligarchs who were behind both.

The tactic did not begin with building insurrectionary groups and fomenting a radical discourse. The org skeletons and ideological tropes have long been in play, just as modern politicized Salafism has been around since before Qutb in the 1950’s.

It actually begins with neoliberal austerity measures, the privatization of government sectors over to the NGO sphere, moving those from sovereign state hands to international NGO/philanthropic hands. These NGOs which exist to fill the same void caused by the austerity which was the forced policy of the same NGO backers, then uses its physical facilities and email lists of clients to propagandize the public against the government. This happened overtly in places like Egypt and Syria, leading to the Arab Spring (hence ‘Color/Spring). It is as planned as it is cynical.






Arab Spring Hit Egypt – December 2010 – December 2012

So while it’s easy to paint Antifa activists as largely young, idealistic, and prone to manipulation by America’s rapacious oligarchy who operationalize them towards their own ends – we would point out that these activists have long been deprived of the basic dignity that one derives from work. We aren’t talking fairy tale work, as in ‘dream jobs’, but simply steady work with tolerable conditions, which pay the bills, and in that sense, work with dignity.

A lot of these globalist oligarch NGOs also create jobs by day which are staffed by Antifa rioters by night. There is a social need for these NGO services, though there would be less of a need with a productive economy that avoids the social ills that NGOs patch over. Those remaining services that NGOs provide, ought to be public governmental entities that are democratically managed at the local governmental level, suited to the needs and organic belief systems of the relevant community it serves, and not controlled by globalist oligarchs.

We would also point out that the families of these Antifa activists are largely those which never recovered from the 2007 market crash, and were hit again in 2020 under the pretenses of Covid-19.

It has been this betrayal of the working-middle class by the Democrats – their own supposed electorate – that has provided adequate human material to form the looter-rioter armies which Democrats themselves operationalize in the Color strategy against Trump. This is what the planners wanted.

Defund Humanities Departments Promoting Divisive Critical Race and Gender Theory

While old left criticisms of capitalism are a part of Antifa ideology, the new left distortion and distraction of those pent-up frustrations stemming from unresolved social ills, is transferred onto abstract and de-classed identity politics issues relating to gender ideology – one that has even surpassed the identity politics of race. This much explains in part why the BLM Corporation ‘platform’ emphasizes the need to end the black nuclear family as an institution of patriarchy and gender hegemony.

There may also be a need to closely examine the extra-curricular activities of professors of western occultism and religious studies, as well as those at HBCUs, as well as performance art professors, with regard to insidious occult recruitment.

Defunding humanities departments in universities that embrace critical gender and critical race theory – that maleness and whiteness are the inherent problems needing moderation. Those views have served as a convenient distraction from class issues brought upon society by the very same rapacious oligarchs who are able to operationalize the same mob they have created through their policies.

It means tying a public higher education system and student debt relief to technical training. A liberal education and graduation requirements including arts, philosophy, history, and the humanities in general are undoubtedly critical in developing rounded and cultured citizens with the critical thinking skills to understand the world outside of their narrow specialization. But the subsumption of the humanities by critical race and gender theories has in fact led to an erosion of that cultured roundedness, and a dogmatic tunnel vision that reduces the vastness of the human experience to power relations along the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and (to a lessening extent), class.

Rehabilitate its hardened members

In stopping Antifa it is tempting to fall back on emotionally appealing, reactionary, and short-sighted ‘law and order’ solutions which later on will have a far greater negative effect on the freedoms and liberties of all.

However, actual instances of Antifa violence – especially where life, property, and voter enfranchisement are harmed – will need to be dealt swiftly and decisively using the gendarmerie of the state. Antifa’s own fascist tactics are turning the public against it. Where local prosecutors and elected officials have come under the sway of the same oligarchs who finance the Antifa violence, then the federal government will have to act.

This allows the state gendarmerie to act in defense of constitutional norms against an extra-legal and violent threat to civil society. In the war of public perception, despite widespread mainstream media indulgence, Antifa violence is widely unpopular. Rasmussen shows that 49% view Antifa as a terrorist organization, which would strongly imply that most of those who do not view it so would still not view them fondly.

The most constitutionally dangerous approach would be to treat the bulk of Antifa adherents as anything other than Americans endowed with the same rights and responsibilities under the law. ‘Othering’ them in such a way that it dehumanizes them and, in the American context, views them as something other than citizens with rights, for example, to speech and association (in both the public and monopoly-private sphere), would result in a miscarriage of justice and would be morally similar to the Antifa problem itself.

While it will be necessary to charge individual members with crimes they are themselves responsible for, the temptation to fall towards a ‘guilt by association’ line of prosecution will prove disastrous for the republic.

They have been inculcated into a cult-like group which has been reinforced by many vectors in society at large, outside of their control and agency, and the desired approach would be rehabilitation.

It is important in the course of rehabilitation that its adherents be heard and understood, and the belief system tangled up around it be untangled from the catastrophic methods and billionaire oligarch financial support ties that define them in reality.


All of the real-existing economic problems in the U.S. form the foundation for Antifa volatility. But those controlling Antifa ideology at the level of social media and the university system, have added ‘new left’ distractions on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. While its real leaders, who happen to be elected politicians and NGO-controlling ‘philanthropist’ elites must be held ultimately accountable under conspiracy charges, the balaclava donning arsonist thugs in the street must be dealt with using the full force of the law here and now, wherever life, liberty, property, and democratic processes are demonstrably harmed.

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