‘Harris Administration’ – Did Kamala Harris Leak that She Will be President and not Biden?


WASHINGTON DC – Earlier today, in Kamala Harris’ latest public statement on the campaign where she made the usual vague promises that compromise her campaign, she appears to have accidentally said that the administration will be the ‘Harris’ administration, as opposed to that of Biden. Was this a truth slip? She appears to have tried to correct the ‘gaffe’ but even then it was logically incorrect, adding Biden to the name as her running mate as if he was VP, and then reversing the names again to match the public information on the campaign.

Over the summer, Nancy Pelosi also appeared to have made an extremely strong gesture that she would be part of a process invoking continuity of government in a ‘no clear winner’ type situation or similar, which would see herself become president.

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This therefore makes today’s ‘gaffe’ a remarkable development, and raises serious questions as to whether this was a slip of the tongue. Often how one thinks about something to themselves, or more, how the actual situation is discussed behind closed doors, can slip out accidentally in impromptu speaking.

There is a strong possibility that Joe Biden will not be able to carry out his first term, due to cognitive decline. The Hill and other mainstream beltway publications have already floated this idea, and have openly discussed what kind of president Harris would make. Even Trump has noticed this, and has made a comment about Harris or Pelosi being president – conceding that either one would be better than  Biden for the simple reason that Biden ‘doesn’t know he’s alive’. The Hill also ran an opinion posing a hypothetical in which Biden would contract Coronavirus in mid September, and have to announce that he will not be running. A Harris-Obama, Obama-Harris, Harris-Cuomo, and varieties of Clinton, all have odds running on various political gambling sites.

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