ITALY ELECTIONS: Vox Italia to Run Against the Left-Right Parties of Neoliberalism in Le Marche Showdown


LE MARCHE, Italy – Diego Fusaro’s new party, Vox Italia, is running in regional elections in central Italy, in Le Marche region. Their chosen candidate is Jonathan McCarthy, a resident of the region.

This is of particular interest to Fort Russ News because Diego Fusaro is a Marxian philosopher most close to the  fourth positionist movement New Resistance (Evropa, Italia, North America, et al) – the international movement that has also endorsed the Vox Italia campaign led by Fusaro.

An editorial disclosure: Fort Russ News is the online daily of New Resistance, and a leading member of New Resistance (Nuova Resistenza Italia) – Jonathan McCarthy – is on the Vox Italia ticket. FRN is openly endorsing this campaign.

Vox Italia brings tremendous energy and fresh ideas which parallel those of New Resistance – moving beyond left and right and grappling with the inherent problem of a body-politic where the centre-left and centre-right are dominated by capital, and where the extreme left and extreme right are often little more than intelligence operations utilized in a strategy of tension by the same forces controlling the centre.

This understanding of the situation in Italy mirrors that in much of the western world – a dictatorship of capital posing as a democratic republic of the people. Interest groups, parties, and NGO’s which appear at odds with each other, are in fact manipulated by the same puppet-masters.  They work to engage in violent attacks on each-other in standard Operation Gladio fashion. Added to the mix are the network of Universities and special grants from so-called philanthropic organizations which push very strongly for cancel-culture and censorship in the public sphere in the name of ‘the left’. In truth, they are tools of the plutocracy.

This is what we are up against.

The Italian philosopher, during a rally in the city of Macerata reiterated this idea:

“In 388AC Aristophanes staged Pluto in Athens, a comedy based on the god of wealth Pluto who manages to seduce the population. The play ends with Pluto taking the place in the apse of Athena, the goddess of the polis, of democracy. Also our cosmopolitan times have surrendered to the plutocracy, to the myth of unlimited enrichment, leaving minimal room for democracy. After a contrast in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in recent decades there has been a homologation between center-right and center-left, the hegemonic system is that of absolute sovereignty of the markets, we have arrived at an economic theology that has occupied the space of the old religions. Center-left and center-right confront themselves not on ideals but on how to cut public spending under the control of the temples that are the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Politics has been reduced to an administration of the interests of the market. Vox Italia was born to question this structure. The right defines itself as anti-communist, the left anti-fascist even in the absence of communism and fascism, Vox Italia is running to make national sovereignty prevail and to have respect for the Constitution which is socialist and towards the common weal. “

Fusaro however is not running alongside McCarthy because he is not from the region, and also because he remains an external ideologue to the party much like Beppe Grillo was for the 5 star movement.

The party represents a clear and strong alternative the the liberal mono-party of the centre left and centre right.


Jonathan McCarthy is a respected member of his community and fights for the opportunity to represent the people of Le Marche. He has years of experience in popular anti-capitalist activism, and has a solid reputation for his intellect, integrity, and a firmly held view that the public sphere must come first when dealing in politics.

The center right candidate is however the favourite to win in a region which has been led by the center left for decades.

Although this constitutes a positive outcome in regards to the center right’s more favourable approach to anti-immigration, anti-crime and pro-family policies, make no mistake: the regional centre-right as already been talking about taking away services and hospitals from the public health care budget and giving these to the private sector.

The right wing and left wing approaches to the questions facing Le Marche have therefore mixed themselves up, and have contaminated elements of a good platform with elements of the neo-liberal agenda. Bourgeois neo-liberalism proposes both open borders and cuts from the health budget – and this is evidence that they control both the left and the right in Italy today.

This is why Vox Italia’s campaign in Le Marche represents a grand announcement on the political stage, and is merely the opening salvo. This is, after all, the age of the outsider.

Mr. McCarthy poses the following questions:

Why is it unthinkable to have a genuinely communitarian politic, which respects other countries by neither waging war on them nor by taking their workers from them? 

Why is it unthinkable to have a movement that is both pro-family and pro-public? 

How have we been bamboozled by a false politics?

Among the bigger issues in Italy today besides the ongoing austerity roll-backs, is the situation of lockdowns and civil liberties in light of Covid-19.

Regarding Covid-19, Fusaro said: “It is not a question of denying the existence of the virus but of saying no to the compression of freedom starting with the ban on gathering, a typical thing of 20th century dictatorships.”

Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin also spoke via Skype with Fusaro where he endorsed the efforts of Vox Italia and the campaign in Le Marche where leading New Resistance Italia member McCarthy is running on the Vox Italia ticket.

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