Libyan Liberator Haftar Consolidates Sirte as Erdogan-backed Saraj Eats Defeat


SIRTE – The Libyan National Army (LNA) of Marshal Khalifa Haftar consolidated its units in the port city of Sirte (located 450 km east of Tripoli) with more than 80 units of heavy armored vehicles, while an LNA warship dropped anchor in the port of Ras Lanuf. According to the representative of the Government of National Accord ( GNA ) of Libya, Mohammed Qanunu , Haftar’s military convoy has left the city of Jufra south of Sirte and is heading to Wadi al-Lud, the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper writes today, September 9.

The liberation of Sirte by Haftar’s forces proved a deciding turning point in the Libyan civil war. Haftar, a long-time US asset, is being reinforced by Egypt and Russia and has directly engaged Turkish forces.

The National Petroleum Corporation (NOC) of the North African country, which is controlled by the government in Tripoli, announced that an LNA warship will be stationed at the port of Ras Lanuf in Sirte province beginning Saturday, September 5.

The Ras Lanuf region is part of the region, which contains about 80% of Libya’s oil reserves, the newspaper notes.

Earlier in the GNA pointed out that Haftar was pulling additional forces to the Jufra airbase. roads from Sirte to Jufra. “All ground and air units (GNA) were ordered to be on the alert and keep their hands on the trigger in case of any violation (ceasefire regime) or attack,” the GNA noted.

LNA officials rejected the Libyan GNA ceasefire initiative announced on August 21. In the LNA command, the GNA proposal under the leadership of Faiz Saraj was called “a marketing move.” However, no new clashes on the Libyan front have been recorded in recent days, the “regime of silence” is de facto observed.

In his first statement after the previously announced idea of ​​establishing a truce , LNA press secretary Ahmed al-Mismari pointed to the continuing concentration of Saraj’s troops on the approaches to Sirte. According to him, the LNA forces based in the east do not take the “peace initiative” of the pro-Turkish PNS seriously and are ready to respond to any attempt to attack their positions in the Sirte area, as well as the Jufra airbase located to the south of it.

The Saraj government announced its readiness for a ceasefire in the event of the “demilitarization” of Sirte (currently this large settlement is under the control of the LNA) and called for the resumption of oil production and export from the North African country.

Recall that in Libya, the absentee confrontation is growing between Turkey, which takes care of the GNA under the leadership of Faiz Saraj and sent thousands of Syrian Islamist militants, as well as strike systems, to the Libyan front, and the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, among which the United Arab Emirates stands out. Abu Dhabi supplies Khalifa Haftar’s LNA, among other things, combat drones. Marshal Haftar enjoys the support of Russia, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. On the side of the GNA Saraj – Turkey and Qatar. In late November 2019, Ankara and the Libyan government in Tripoli signed a military cooperation agreement, under which Turkey provides strong support to the GNA, including arms supplies.

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2 months ago

Yes, Haftar is the savior of Libya, I guess if one thinks that Zionists owning Libya is a good thing. Funny how there are all these ‘conflicts’ that are manufactured through lies, but there always emerges a true savior. Also funny is how Israel seems to control these elements. As long as Israel and their facade of proxies and enablers are given free rein, these ‘conflicts’ will not see an end. Take a real good look at Lebanon. That is what awaits Syria and Libya as long as everyone involved is controlled by Israel. Russia whines at Israel, but does nothing. Turkey says bad things about Israel, but is in bed with them everywhere. The US complains about new ‘settlements’, but sends weapons and buttloads of money. The EU is everyone’s whore. They complain about the Muslin wave, but do everything they can to keep it going. The goal it seems is what one sees…continued eternal conflict. How long can this continue before these countries actually only exist on paper? So, yes, under these circumstances, Haftar is a savior. And so goes the plan.

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