LUKASHENKO OUT! Germany Flexes its Imperial Muscle in Calls for Belarus Government to Step Down


BERLIN – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced his readiness to introduce new sanctions against Belarus and personally threatened President Alexander Lukashenko with further tightening of punitive measures, as a consequence for his alleged handling and response to post-election protests. These protests have been financed by NGOs backed by the Open Societies foundations.

Regarding the demands of Heiko Maas, these were reported on September 5 by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , citing an interview with the head of German diplomacy in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

“As the European Union, we do not recognize the elections and have decided on sanctions. Now we are implementing this. If Lukashenko does not react, further sanctions will follow, ” Maas said.

At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, in a rather non-diplomatic form, voiced his demands to the head of Belarus.

“I demand from Lukashenko that he negotiate with the opposition, that the elections be repeated, that Lukashenko immediately stops imprisoning and brutalizing peaceful demonstrators, that he respects human rights and respects freedom of the press,” added Maas.

The fact that the German leadership, following the EU leadership, took the side of the opposition in the Belarusian conflict, is not news in itself.

“Lock us up! Quarantine us!”

The tone and nature of the Open Societies financed demonstration was revealingly bizarre. While around the world there have been protests, including in Germany, demanding an end to the Covid-19 provisions such as quarantine, business closures, lockdowns, and mandatory distancing and mask wearing – the protesters in Minsk were demanding that they be locked down – accusing Lukashenko of ignoring WHO recommendations to do so.

These came as part of accusations that the voting system was rigged to produce a result favorable to Lukashenko.

It is worth noting, however, a change in rhetoric – Maas’s statements now sound in an imperative tone. He literally orders Lukashenko to hand over power to the “revolutionaries”.

One can only guess why the German minister suddenly decided that he has the right to give orders to the head of a foreign state. While the NATO alliance still formally exists, the relations between Germany and the US – core powers of the alliance – have eroded significantly since 2017. These disputes appear to revolve around Germany’s budget for NATO, and the claims from the American side that they finance Germany’s defense from  Russia while Berlin simultaneously conducts large-scale energy purchases from Russia to the detriment of American fracking. 

As the US has reduced its pressure on NATO’s historic nemesis – Russia – Germany has begun to take it upon itself to pursue its hegemonic interests under the EU banner.

On September 5, Alexander Lukashenko, called economic stability the main task of the Belarusian authorities at the moment during a meeting in Minsk. 

FRN  reported in 2018 that the US/Soros and EU-backed opposition had imported the Ukrainian strategy of reviving Nazism in its Color Revolution gambit.

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