MAJOR: France Hit with Fresh Wave of Yellow Vest Protests after Antagonizing Belarus Over Color Revolution


PARIS – For the first time in several months in Paris and other cities in France, yellow vests protests reignited. As a result, the security forces detained two hundred people.

According to the French media 35 more protesters were also fined. And this despite the fact that not all of the declared demonstrations were banned.

According to the newspaper “Le Parisien”, the prefecture of Paris banned two demonstrations, but several others were agreed to, in particular, on marches from the Place de Exchange and from the Place Wagram.

When the convoy began to move along Wagram Avenue, clashes broke out between the protesters and the security forces. During the arrests, the police used tear gas grenades. In turn, according to media reports, the protesters set fire to garbage cans and overturned city decorations.

In addition, police searched and searched passers-by on the Champs Elysees and adjacent streets, where demonstrations have been banned since the protests of the “yellow vests” in late 2018.

At the moment, many metro stations and RER lines are closed in the French capital.

In August French President Emmanuel Macron offered his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko to mediate to establish a dialogue with the opposition.

In response, Lukashenka said that he himself was now ready to help Macron and become an intermediary between him and the yellow vests.

This was of particular interests, because Belarus, a country close to Russia despite a media-holographic reality that often points to the contrary, was hit with Color Revolution protests with backing from Macron. Likewise, there has long been a view among the French establishment that Russia has had a hand in the Yellow Vest protests. The end of Yellow Vest protests appears to have emerged at the same time that France began to back Russia against Turkey in Libya.

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