MoD REPORT: Russia Spotted 43 Foreign Spy Jets Close to National Airspace Last Week Only


MOSCOW – The Russian Armed Forces detected at least 43 foreign spy jets that were engaged in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) activities close to Russia’s airspace last week, the military’s official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda reported on Friday. A weekly infographic published by the outlet shows that Russian interceptors and fighter jets had been scrambled five times to intercept foreign aircraft.

The foreign jets had been prevented from illegally entering Russia’s airspace dozens of times, the newspaper said. Within this period of time, Russia has also spotted at least three UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), which were carrying out reconnaissance missions near the Russian borders.

The United States, NATO and other allied countries often send aircraft and drones to perform ISR activities along Russia’s borders in the Baltic, in the Black Sea off Crimea and Krasnodar and the Pacific. Russian air defense forces regularly monitor, target, and track hundreds of NATO aircraft operating close to the border, and occasionally scramble fighter jets to escort foreign military aircraft away from Russian airspace.

The Russian Federation and its allies have repeatedly condemned US and NATO drone and spy plane flights, as well as bomber drills near Russia’s borders, saying such behavior sparks dangerous tensions. The aggressive North Atlantic alliance has so far ignored these objections.

Relations between the Russian Federation and the aggressive neocolonialist alliance dwindled to nothing after the blatant 2014 NATO-backed Neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, which resulted in a (luckily) unsuccessful Nazi junta attack on the mostly Russian-speaking Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine.

The alliance accused Moscow of “aggression” in Ukraine, in a pitiful attempt to justify NATO aggression on the people of Donbass, who have not only managed to resist the invasion, but also pushed the resurgent Nazis back. The continued humiliation of the NATO-backed Neo-Nazi junta by the armed forces of Donbass republics is a source of great frustration for NATO, for which it blames Russia.

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