The crumbling hype of Pakistan’s Imran Khan and role of his economic advisory team

 By Umar Bin Amin      


By Umar Bin Amin    – Masters of International Development, Master of Economics, Australian based freelance journalist and independent social researcher.


It has been over two years since Imran Khan’ juvenile party, Tehreek -e- Insa’f (Justice Movement) reigned in the government of Pakistan by knocking out two mainstream parties.  One of the main driving forces of the party was the spell of Imran Khan as a warrior against corruption and a Messiah for the poor of the country.

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As the time passed, the thick fog of concocted hopes and fabricated spins around Imran’s government started to clear. It began to reveal that the government seemed to be installed for a mere recovery of the IMF and international donors’ loans, and for implementing an agenda of austerity measures, rather than providing relief for the poor masses. So far, the measures taken by the Pakistan’s government have proven to be culpable in burgeoning countries debts and malevolence for the poor of the country.

The epic of Imran reminds us of, Tsipray’s win in Greece in 2015; in which the masses were initially lured by false promises of anti-corruption and greater development. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Later, when Tsipray clinched power, instead of keeping his words to work towards nation’s prosperity he bowed to donors and adopted an anti-people measures. This betrayal was best described by the well-known international journalist, Neil Clark;

“The scale of Tsipras’ betrayal of the Greek people is truly staggering……., as well as putting €50 billion of his country’s national assets into a privatization ‘trust’ fund – all under EU supervision. …..The deal that Tsipras has agreed to is so harsh that even the IMF has criticized it.” [1]

Although, in his maiden speech, Imran spoke of replicating China’s progress when he said; “We want to learn from China how they brought 700 million people out of poverty” [2]. It was that moment when many progressive and pro-people developmental pundits in Pakistan felt a tentative sense of excitement, believing that after 73 years, their leader finally seemed set to steer their country into the right direction by aligning it to Chinese league. They believed that as China had achieved those goals by implementing socialist policies, in the country, the same could be possible in their country as well.  On Marx’s 200th birthday in 2018, President XI, emphatically attributed the success of China to Socialism, by saying; “This tremendous transformation serves as cast iron proof that only by adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics can we realize national rejuvenation”. [3]

However, despite his speech, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, seemed oblivious of the ideology of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism working behind the Chinese success, and it is likely that he just glibly regurgitated the mantra of Chinese’s development. Perhaps, only later when some western stooge literates made him aware of these secrets (Marxism, Leninism and Maoism), were behind the success of China- Mr. Khan then- stopped praising China and once again started glorifying the western development.

Indeed, it did not take long for Pakistan’s incumbent government to recruit financial jockeys graduated from western capitalist’s institutes.  From the aborted appointment of Mian Aatif (Who came highly recommended by IMF [4]) to Hafiz Sheikh and Reza Baqar, tells the tale of deployments of donors and international agencies in Pakistan which resulted in a new bailout package marking loan approvals from IMF, expediting the process of privatisation and stricter austerity measures which left the ordinary Pakistani debilitated, economically, socially and politically.

Imran’s jump on the bandwagon of neo-liberal policy is the one, whose ferociousness was described by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in his words as; the naked King” [The Monthly, Feb 2009] who is now audacious about his nudity and assertive in a way that yes; I am naked do whatever you want to do; and I don’t care. But why Imran is unable to see this; is either lack of wisdom and knowledge, or perhaps intent.

Should Imran Niazi (as known otherwise) had ideological upbringing, foresight, and providence; would have appointed laureates of Marxist Economics graduate from anti-imperialist institutes, not the troupe of western educational system.

Umar is Australian based social and political researcher and analyst. Umar has also been a former staff member at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Umar has previously contributed to various national and international media. You can contact the writer at [email protected].

Publications: BIN AMIN, U.. Muslim Employment in Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies in the Context of Access and Equity. TARBIYA: Journal of Education in Muslim Society, North America, 3, jun. 2016. Available at: <>






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