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DUTERTE: ‘We Are Not A Vassal State, We Won’t Stop Projects With US-Sanctioned Chinese Companies’

Published 2020-09-02 19:35:34 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Philippines, United-States

MANILA – The Philippines will not be cowed by a US blacklist on Chinese companies and will continue doing business with the sanctioned firms, a spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte stated, insisting Manila will not bow to a foreign power. Duterte won’t halt ongoing projects with Chinese businesses despite the American blacklist, spokesman Harry Roque told reporters on Tuesday, arguing infrastructure is a national priority and that the Philippines won’t subordinate its own interests to those of Washington, RT reported. “The president declared last night that the Americans can blacklist Chinese companies in their territories in America and maybe in… Continue ->

Tags: China, Duterte, Economy, Geopolitics, Philippines, USA

US Holds Live-Fire Rocket Artillery Drills 66 Miles From Russian Border

Published 2020-09-02 19:08:45 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Estonia, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

WASHINGTON, D.C./TALLINN – The US Army announced on Monday the beginning of live-fire drills involving rocket artillery in Estonia, less than 70 miles from the Russian border, just days after large Russian naval exercises in the Bering Sea near Alaska. On Tuesday, US Army Europe’s “Rail Gunner Rush” exercise began, featuring artillery barrages by the 41st Field Artillery Brigade. The drills are hosted at Estonia’s Tapa Army Base, just 66 miles from Russian territory, RIA Novosti reported. The 41st Field Artillery Brigade uses the M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), which can fire barrages of up to 12 missiles at… Continue ->

Tags: Estonia, Geopolitics, Military, Russia, USA

REVEALED: No-Deal Brexit ‘Closer Than Ever’

Published 2020-09-02 18:38:39 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Brussels, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, France-Eurasia, Headline-News, United-Kingdom

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LONDON/BRUSSELS – Downing Street played down the prospect of reaching a trade deal with the EU in time for December, saying it will be very difficult – and blaming Brussels’ insistence on tackling tough issues upfront. The UK’s Chief Negotiator, David Frost, is meeting his EU counterpart Michel Barnier in London, in advance of the next round of formal talks next week, The Guardian reported. But with the clock ticking to December 31, when the status quo transition is due to end, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman conceded that hopes of a deal were dwindling. “The EU continues to… Continue ->

Tags: Brexit, Economy, Eu, Geopolitics, Trade Deal, UK

Trump Slams DC Mayor Bowser’s Plan to Demolish Washington Monument

Published 2020-09-02 12:51:44 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Headline-News, United-States

US President Donald Trump has slammed D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser’s proposal to demolish monuments to several historical figures allegedly guilty of racism. Among them are several presidents, including the famous Washington monument, as well as the navigator credited as leading the first major European expedition to the Americas, Christopher Columbus. Trump’s position on this issue was announced in a statement published on the White House website. “By publishing a plan that recommends the potential demolition of the Washington Monument, the Christopher Columbus Statue, Andrew Jackson and the Jefferson Memorial, Washington’s radically liberal mayor is repeating the same story used by the left to incite dangerous… Continue ->

Tags: Antifa, BLM, Bowser, Cultural Revolution, Trump, Washington DC

Maniac Grifter Saakashvili cannot deceive the Georgian people – Garibashvili

Published 2020-09-02 08:23:11 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Georgia, Headline-News

The population of Georgia doubts the sincerity of the apology of the “insane” Mikhail Saakashvili , who is “obsessed with the desire for power,” Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili told reporters , commenting on the statement of the third president of the country about his desire to return to his homeland. “I didn’t want to talk about this person, but since you are asking, I’ll tell you my opinion. Of course, not only I doubt his sincerity, but, probably, the entire population – he allegedly apologizes. In general, all his words are a demonstration of lies. We remember Saakashvili as one of the most disgraceful commanders in chief. I… Continue ->

Tags: CSTO, Defense, Garibashvili, Georgia, Grifter, NATO, Russia, Saakashvili, Ukraine

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