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Russia’s Rezonans-NE Radar, Capable of Tracking Hypersonic and Stealth Targets

Published 2020-09-18 20:20:39 by Drago Bosnic in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW (SF) – Another significant piece of military equipment showcased during the Army-2020 forum in Moscow is the Rezonans-NE radar. The radar system is capable of detecting and tracking the most complex types of air targets. It is also able to detect stealth aircraft, mini-UAVs and hypersonic targets. The station’s capabilities are greatly enhanced by the phased array antenna. In addition, the locator can automatically exchange information with other radars in automatic mode. The range of Rezonans-NE is also impressive – 1100 km, and it is able to provide target designation for air defense systems, at a distance of over… Continue ->

Tags: Hypersonic Warfare, Military, Radar, Russia, Stealth

China And Russia to Join Forces in Space, Set up a New Satellite Internet Network

Published 2020-09-18 19:40:09 by Drago Bosnic in China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

BEIJING/MOSCOW – China and Russia have started the realization of a joint space program aiming to set up a network of low-orbit satellites for the purpose of making high-speed Internet available to as many users as possible, Maksim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, said in a statement. “Our two countries (Russia and China) are launching a very interesting project to deploy a group of satellites in order to ensure that anyone can have access to a high-speed Internet connection. The details of the project are currently being finalized,” Deputy Prime Minister explained. In earlier statements, it was announced that… Continue ->

Tags: China, Russia, Space

Video: How America’s Anti-Imperial Heritage Was Subverted

Published 2020-09-18 19:01:15 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Color-Revolution, Headline-News, United-States

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As the American republic continues to tremble on the precipice of civil war, and as threats of a dangerous military coup looms above the upcoming elections, it is more important now than ever before for citizens and policy makers to embrace certain historic traditions and battles that have been been entirely suppressed by revisionist historians over the 20th century. What were the real global dynamics shaping the 13 colonies in the years leading up to 1776? What global vision did leading founding fathers and their international allies hold during this period of great change which required statesmen from Russia, France,… Continue ->

Tags: Deep State, Franklin Roosevelt, Lincoln, Matthew Ehret, New Deal, New Silk Road, Trump

Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections, Donald Trump and the Republic Itself?

Published 2020-09-18 18:54:45 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Defense, Headline-News, United-States

On March 20, I published an article called Why Assume There will be a 2020 Election? where I laid out the existential threat of a new Wall Street military Coup which would not only render elections obsolete, but would impose a new fascist hell onto America and the world. In that article I discussed the importance of General Smedley Butler’s strategic decision to expose the Wall Street plot to overthrow the newly elected president Franklin Roosevelt who was in the midst of waging a war on both Wall Street, the City of London and the chaos these financiers engineered during the great depression. Butler’s… Continue ->

Tags: Butler, Coup, Covid, Crimson Mirage, Deep State, Martial Law, Military Coup, Trump

Moscow Vows to Retaliate if EU Stops Nord Stream 2 Over Fictitious Navalny Poisoning

Published 2020-09-18 18:10:55 by Drago Bosnic in Brussels, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, Politics, Propaganda, Russia

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS – After EU MEPs, on Thursday, called for sanctions over the fictitious poisoning of politically irrelevant Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, Moscow said the move merely fuels anti-Russia hysteria and is aimed at disrupting the Nord Stream 2 project. The European Parliament resolution calls for an international probe into the Navalny case. Its approval followed comments by the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, who floated the idea of naming a new anti-Russian sanctions package after the foreign-backed politician, in a similar move to the US Magnitsky act, RT reported. It was named after a Russian tax auditor who died… Continue ->

Tags: Economy, Eu, Geopolitics, Navalny, Nord Stream II, Poisoning., Propaganda, Russia, Sanctions

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