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Tags in this brief: Geopolitics, Navalny, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Skripals, China, United Nations, US Imperialism, Belarus, Color Revolution, Eu, Lukashenko, NATO, Peskov, USA, Belt And Road, Deep State, Esper, Full Spectrum Dominance, New Silk Road, Pompeo, Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping, American University Of Moscow, Edward Lozansky, Saving The Planet.

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The False Flag Poisoning of Alexei Navalny

Published 2020-09-25 19:48:30 by Guest Author in Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Russia

By Max Parry – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Sep 25, 2020 FRN On August 20th, Russian opposition figure and self-styled “anti-corruption” activist Alexei Navalny fell seriously ill while in mid-flight from Tomsk, Siberia to the Russian capital. The Moscow-bound plane was abruptly re-routed to make an emergency landing in the Siberian city of Omsk where the anti-Kremlin politician was subsequently hospitalized for suspected poisoning and placed in a medically-induced coma. Two days later, Navalny was airlifted to Germany in an evacuation arranged by a Berlin-based “human rights” NGO at the request of Pussy Riot spokesman Pyotr Verzilov. His transport… Continue ->

Tags: Geopolitics, Navalny, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Skripals

CHINA: ‘US Created Enough Troubles For World, But Stands Isolated’

Published 2020-09-25 19:26:28 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

BEIJING – China’s envoy to the United Nations hit back at the United States over its baseless accusations about the origins of the new coronavirus, saying Washington has created enough troubles for the world already and that enough is enough. “I must say, enough is enough! You have created enough troubles for the world already,” Ambassador Zhang Jun told a Security Council meeting through video conference on Thursday, PressTV reported. “Regrettably, we have once again heard noises from the US that are so at odds with the atmosphere of the meeting,” he said. Zhang made the remarks two days after… Continue ->

Tags: China, Geopolitics, Russia, United Nations, US Imperialism

KREMLIN: Europe’s Refusal to Recognize Lukashenko Goes Against International Law

Published 2020-09-25 19:05:48 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Belarus, Brussels, Color-Revolution, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, Politics, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS – The refusal of the European Union and the United States of America to recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the only legitimate president of Belarus is against the international law, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a statement. “We do not welcome such decisions [as a refusal to recognize Lukashenko] that were made in some European countries. We think these decisions are against the international law,” Peskov told reporters, according to RIA Novosti. The spokesman added that this refusal to recognize Lukashenko was in fact “covert” interference in Belarusian affairs. Peskov stressed that the position of these European countries would… Continue ->

Tags: Belarus, Color Revolution, Eu, Geopolitics, Lukashenko, NATO, Peskov, Russia, USA

Two Paradigms Clash: Offers for U.S.-China-Russia Partnership That Won WWII or Hellish Plunge Into WWIII

Published 2020-09-25 18:14:34 by Matthew Ehret in Defense, Headline-News, United-States

The Pentagon’s new military report on China released on September 1st has demonstrated that the outdated and deadly Cold War mentality which has wrought such destruction upon the world since the end of WWII has not only become more deeply embedded into the psyche of dominant foreign policy officials in the Pentagon, it demonstrated that the current American establishment is totally unfit to survive in today’s nuclear age. In our nuclear age, Hobbesian laws of the jungle will only result in mass extermination. If we are to survive beyond the coming decade, it is high time that a higher moral paradigm befitting of human dignity becomes… Continue ->

Tags: Belt And Road, Deep State, Esper, Full Spectrum Dominance, New Silk Road, Pompeo, Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping

A New Course Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in Shaping History and Geopolitics

Published 2020-09-25 00:52:05 by Matthew Ehret in Defense, Headline-News, Politics, United-States

The American University of Moscow has just unveiled a new bi-weekly course in geopolitics under the theme of “Saving the Planet: Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in Shaping History and Geopolitics” at a time when such a crash course is needed more than ever. Since many modern universities have failed to present students or even many professors with the techniques, methods of analysis or even intellectual and moral freedom to ponder those causal principles of history that have given rise to our present global crises that threaten both civilization and life on earth more broadly, Dr. Edward Lozansky (President… Continue ->

Tags: American University Of Moscow, Edward Lozansky, Saving The Planet

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