UN: ‘Evil Patriarchy’, ‘Male-Dominated World’ Reason Behind COVID-19 Disaster


NEW YORK – The UN, well known for its staggering efficiency in being utterly useless has “finally found” whom to blame for the global failure during COVID-19 hysteria. Now we know that the “millennia of evil patriarchy” and a “male-dominated world” are to be blamed for everything that’s happening to the world.

This is the original tweet posted on the UN’s official Twitter account

This is a screenshot we took in case the tweet gets removed due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback

The reaction of the general public was negative, to say the least

It’s obvious that women themselves have also seen through this truly evil feminazi ideology

Such a post on the official Twitter account of the United Nations is not a surprise as the developments around the world demonstrate that at least some conservative governments around the world have completely rejected the neoliberal-imposed agenda of wide-scale unconditional restrictions and surveillance under the pretext of the COVID-19 outbreak.

While the COVID-19 issue should not be underestimated, the initial wide-scale push to politicize it and exploit in the interests of the neoliberal agenda has nothing with the real care about people’s health and security. Therefore, it seems that particular forces are very unhappy with the recent developments.

It’s also quite obvious that a very powerful force is behind the so-called SJW agenda. Despite being almost universally rejected (and in many cases even hated) by the vast majority of the world population, this vehemently venomous neoliberal agenda is constantly being pushed on us by the mainstream media, the education system, as well as various international organizations.

By delegating all of the world’s problems only to the very existence of one group (in this case men, which are nearly half od the world’s population), the neoliberals aim to create a world of chaos where only they would have the decision making power and thus control everything.

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