DEBUNKED: Azerbaijan Caught Using Lousy False Flags to Justify Using Cluster Munitions Against Armenian Civilians (VIDEOS)


BAKU – In recent days, and in the wake of multiple resounding defeats at the hands of Artsakh defenders, Azerbaijan has resorted to firing 300mm rockets, armed with banned cluster submunitions, against residential areas of multiple Armenian cities and towns, primarily the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

In order to justify its campaign of terror, Azeri authorities conducted a series of rather amateurish false flags, with images and videos allegedly showing Armenian missiles striking civilian areas inside Azerbaijan. However, at a glance, what might look like valid footage, failed to convince anyone in any way familiar with how rockets work.

Photos were staged in an attempt to show the alleged Armenian attacks on Azeri cities

Short, but very precise explanation on the attempted Azeri dis-info campaign

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Video clearly showing another false flag attempt

However, the following videos of Armenian cities and towns in Artsakh being hit by banned cluster submunitions are very real.

The impact of cluster submunitions in a residential area of Stepanakert

Cluster submunitions pose a grave danger even unexploded and could kill or seriously injure civilians

Using cluster (sub)munitions in residential areas is an obvious proof of Azeri intention to cause harm to civilians. These terrible weapons are designed for use against large groups of infantry, in order to cause as much damage as possible to footsoldiers and/or mechanized units. Their use against civilians cannot be justified in any way imaginable.

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