Dr. Lozansky’s ‘Save the Planet’ Course Continues


On October 8, Russia House and the Russian-American Friendship Society organized by Dr. Edward Lozansky organized the second introductory class of the new course series “Save the Planet: A New Course Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in Shaping History and Geopolitics”.

Every two weeks, Dr. Lozansky has arranged 7 experts in the field of geopolitics and history to present short presentations on the causes of humanity’s current crisis and potential pathways available to navigate through the dangerous storms of nuclear war, and civilizational breakdown threatening our future.

Enjoy this week’s presentation of speakers, and if you would like to register for the upcoming courses (which occur every second Thursday) it can be done here.

The roster of this week’s speakers:

Dmitry Babich – political analyst at InoSMI & commentator on international affairs
Cynthia Chung – Rising Tide Foundation
Matthew Ehret – American University in Moscow, Rising Tide Foundation
Can Erimtan – Geopolitical Analyst & Independent Historian
Sergey Gladysh – Russian-American Cooperation Initiative.
Edward Lozansky – American University in Moscow – Moderator
Herbert Reginbogin – Catholic University of America, Institute for Policy Research, and the American University in Moscow
Sharon Tennison – Center for Citizen Initiatives
Robert Zapesochny – US Ecological Association

Click here for the link to the video on YouTube







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