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Tags in this brief: 2020 Election, Biden Clan, Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Ukraine, USA.

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As Fires Burn Across Nagorno-Karabakh and Beyond, Wiser Heads Must Prevail

Published 2020-10-15 19:52:55 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Defense, Russia, United-States

A wise American once said “We either hang together or we will certainly hang separately.” When Ben Franklin spoke those words in 1776, the elder statesman was stating a simple truth that unless the early colonies overcame their differences, fears and prejudices to unite under a higher unifying self interest that transcended their “local” concerns, they would all be mutually destroyed. Today, these same words apply just as well to those modern states who, though not American, have everything to lose by clinging onto historic resentments, prejudices, and Cold War traditions. These same states have all to gain by joining… Continue ->


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MAJOR: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Leak Reveals His Burisma Criminal Dealings in Ukraine

Published 2020-10-15 15:22:39 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Politics, Ukraine, United-States

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump blasted rival Joe Biden’s family after new emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were revealed, calling the family “grifters”. Trump used the “grifter” term following the release of emails that have unmasked some of Hunter Biden’s criminal dealings in Ukraine at a time when his father had an influential role with the country as vice president, Daily Mail reported. “They’re crooks, they’ve always been crooks. They’re grifters and crooks, and this is what we’re running against,” Trump told the conservative NewsMax network, adding, “And it’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace.” He called the revelations “serious stuff” and… Continue ->

Tags: 2020 Election, Biden Clan, Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Ukraine, USA

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