Breaking Free of Scarcity: Solutions to the International Water Crisis

A Save the Planet Course


Every day, we are reminded by the architects of the Great Reset that humanity should be prepared to change our mass behavior in conformity with the desires of a technocratic elite managing a new order from above nation states. The message which we have been programmed to accept is that mankind is overpopulated. We we have become a world of polluters and consumers offending against the pristine natural equilibrium of nature in our insane drive for abundance and growth. Under this outlook, the real enemy to humanity is not imperialism, or wars, but humankind itself and our belief in scientific and technological progress.

Under the “new reality” which the Great Reset’s architects wish to bring online under the fog of economic collapse and civil war- “scarcity” and “limits to resources” must be seen as absolute realities which humankind must adapt to rather than “attempt vainly to overcome by creativity”. The only technology which will be acceptable under this misanthropic paradigm, are those “Green New Deal” forms which, when applied, only lower humanity’s power to support its own existence.

During this fourth class sponsored by the American University in Moscow, experts were brought together to tackle one of the most fundamental problems confronting humanity: The international water crisis.

Water is the primary function of all life. The earth’s surface is 80% water, and the human body is over 90% water. There is a potential abundance of water, and yet record-breaking droughts, desertification, forest fires, and famine plague our species. Current UN estimates state that the world is facing the worst food crisis in over 50 years! How might these crises be understood and creatively solved through such activities as 1) desalination programs, 2) atmospheric ionization of to induce atmospheric rivers to move over land instead of oceans 3) aquifers like Libya’s Great Manmade Water project or 4) great water transfer projects like China’s Move South Water North’ now unfolding in China,

Other topics include 1) the Like Chad River basin project to replenish Lake Chad using excess water from the Congo River basin now being supported by the African Union, China and an Italian water firm and how this resolves the many hotspots and conflicts across Africa turning the Sahal into a world breadbasket. 2) The North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) program as a 60 year old continental water management program once supported by the Kennedys, 3) Water desalination for the middle East 4) Resolving the water crisis in Crimea with fresh water supplies being cut off by Kiev, 5) Resolving the Egypt-Ethiopia water dispute over the Nile.


Hussein Askary – Southwest Asia Coordinator for the Schiller Institute
Matt Ehret – American University in Moscow, Rising Tide Foundation
Lawrence Freeman – International expert on Africa
Jim Jatras- Geopolitical Analyst
Alina Lipp- German Friends of Crimea Association
Marina Krivenkaya, Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Edward Lozansky – American University in Moscow – Moderator
Alexander Molokhov – International Association “Tavrida ”
Robert Zapesochny – Geopolitical Analyst
Vladimir Zakharov – International Council of Russian Compatriots, Centre for Cross-Cultural Education “ETNOSFERA”

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