Examples of Perfection


In the 21st century, it seems harder and harder to find anything real, much less, perfect. Everything seems to be a cheap fake of what it pretends to be, cheap and cheesy simulacra. And that is exactly what I have some absolutely perfect examples of for you today. Of course, I am talking about the Biden “Cancer Initiative” and the bootlicking Snopes fact-check of the expose’ of Biden’s fraud. Both are perfect examples of lying bastards at their finest, of experts, unrivaled masters of the art of turning the truth on its head, and turning words into bullshit right before your eyes. Never have I seen more perfect examples… Behold, perfection!

Biden’s oldest son, Beau, (not to be confused with his younger son, the crackhead degenerate pervert Hunter Biden) died of brain cancer in 2015. Shortly after Biden and Obama left the White House, Biden and his wife Jill founded the Biden Cancer Initiative, as a way “to honor the memory of their son”. Too bad it was a total scam that not only ripped off cancer patients and gullible and/or corrupt donors, but it must have had Beau Biden spinning in his grave, impatiently awaiting Judgement Day, when he will see Joe and Jill again, on their way to Hell.

The Biden “Cancer Initiative” was founded in 2017 to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research, and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes”.  That’s 24 words that say exactly nothing, jibber jabber, utter bullshit of the highest degree. If bullshit was gold, it would be 24 karat. But, wait, there’s more! How do they actually accomplish this bullshit, you may frequently ask? By more bullshit, of course! “The Biden Cancer Initiative injects a sense of urgency into the cancer research and care systems, and reimagines how the government, academia, nonprofits and the private sector can better collaborate to take on cancer, with the patient as the focus”.  More jibber jabber. What does that even actually mean, anyway? I’ll tell you what it means. It means nothing. Which is exactly to a quantifiable, provable mathematical certainty, what they did for cancer victims and cancer research and treatment. Nothing. Zero. I’d like to drive some implementation and inject a sense of urgency right into their ass, with a 12 gauge…

What they actually did in fact, was raise $4.8 million dollars in less than 2 years, spending $3,070,301 on salaries for their flunkies, and then spent the rest on “conferences, conventions, meetings and travel” to set up their even bigger scams, on first class plane tickets and  “meetings” with their co-conspirators in 5 star restaurants and luxury hotels in exotic locales. These scum state on the “Cancer Initiative” website, (which, in an incredibly stupid oversight, is still online for anyone to see) that “Board members are not being compensated for their service on the Board”. True, but the President of BCI, Greg Simon, took home a quarter million salary in 2017, and nearly doubled that to $430,000 in 2018, and  Danielle Carnival, Simon’s VP and chief henchwoman, took home $258,207 in 2018. And you know what? Neither of them is a doctor or cancer researcher, (Simon is a goddamned lawyer) and neither of them had or have cancer. (But if there’s any justice…) Under the “leadership” of these miserable parasites, the charity spent $56,738 on conferences and $59,356 on travel in 2018. The following year,  before “pausing” (i.e,. shutting down the scam) their travel expenditure swelled to $97,149, and the tax-free nonprofit spent $742,953 on conferences. And what do they have to show for almost $5 million dollars spent? How much good did they actually do, how much measurable improvement did the Initiative do with that $5 million, in real terms? Well, under grants distributed to actual cancer research, treatment or patients, it listed zero. ZERO. Zero dollars. Zero cents. Not one fuckin’ dime’s worth, out of five million dollars…

My Mom died from cancer. So did my wife’s Mom. We both work for a 501(c)3 charity, real one, and neither of us gets a salary. So I take a scumbag scam like the Biden “Cancer Initiative” personally. Where did Biden learn to scam like a genius? Probably from the world’s greatest masters of charity scams and fraud, the goddamned Clintons and that greasy piece of weaselshit, “Bono”. These make the Biden cancer scam’s $5 million look like chump change. (Which, of course, compared to Biden’s other scams and crimes, it is.)

Bono, (Bill Gates’ and George Soros’ “longtime friend”) started the “ONE Foundation” to “raise awareness” of global poverty. In 2008, the foundation took in over $12 million and paid out a measly $150,000 in actual grants to the actual poor. That’s about 1.2%. (NOTE – That’s not twelve percent, it’s one point two.) The rest, the other 98.8%,  was spent on offices, employees, travel, and all the other bullshit that rockstars and their sycophants “need” in order to “raise awareness”. But at least, they listed something. Biden’s scam listed “zero”. Though Bono’s ONE scam still continues to this day, they no longer bilk starstruck liberal fools out of their money –  Gates and Soros are backing him these days. Bono, the second richest “rock star” in the world has a personal net worth estimated at $700 million, so he no longer needs to scam teenage girls, he’s hit the bigtime now. But hardly the biggest big time. Even Bono’s $700 million is eclipsed by the biggest “charity” scam in the history of the world, The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation…

The goddamned Clintons have taken in somewhere between $1.5 and $3 BILLION, and though they claim these days that the net worth of the foundation is “only” $500 million, back in the heyday, they were raking it in to the tune of $150 million a year. That’s about $3 million per week, every week. Pretty chunky pay in anybody’s book. For example, in 2013, they raked in  $147.8 million, and upped it to $177.8 million in 2014. See for yourself.

Out of these princely sums, their actual expenditures on actual grants to actual people or programs were less than $9 million out of $148 million (6%) in 2013 and a little over $5 million out of $177 million, a measly 2.8% in 2014.  It took 486 people who were paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses, they paid themselves over $126 million, to give away $5.1 MILLION!   Charitywatch.org considers an efficient, well run charity to be one that gives 75% of its income on direct grants to programs and people in need. Anything less than 60%, is “questionable” and “less than satisfactory”. The Clinton Foundation, spending respectively one tenth and one twentieth what it takes to make it to the “less than satisfactory” mark, in fact deserves the “Scumbag Scam” rating. And don’t forget “second richest rockstar in the world”, Bono’s less than 2%. Which brings us back to Biden and his cancer scam’s ZERO percent.

These scum could not get to where they are, perpetrate their frauds, and get away with it, without their legions of brown-nosed yesmen (and women) who are always ready to excuse and obfuscate, dissemble and distract. like Frankenstein’s Igor, lisping “Yes, master”, with an obsequious leer. Which brings to Snopes, Politifact, and all the other professional liars whose fact-checking is always short on facts and long on bullshit.

Take a look at Snope’s lickspittle excuses for Biden’s cancer scam, truly another perfect example of absolute unadulterated bullshit. And of course, every great lie must have a grain of truth, and since Snopes simply cannot dispute the fact that Biden’s scam did not disburse a single penny out of five million dollars to a needy person or worthy cause, they can do no better than label it a “Mixture” of true and false. They add the false themselves. by muddying the waters with bullshit, and aping the scam sites own words about how “The Biden Cancer Initiative will largely not be a grant-giving organization and will accomplish its mission through convening, connecting partners, catalyzing new actions, and providing venues to discuss progress and develop new actions and collaborations.” Yes, absolutely zero dollars for grants certainly qualifies as “largely not”, doesn’t it? Just as “convening and connecting”, ” catalyzing new action”, and “providing venues to discuss progress and develop new actions and collaborations” certainly qualifies as another way of saying “taking $5 million and not doing jackshit”.

And though this story has been resurrected and is making the rounds again in the last week or so, it is not new news. All the facts have been known at least since 2019, when the “charity’ paused its work because Biden began his run for President, and the tax files of what they did with the $5 million were made public. But only now, after the election, is this clear and important glimpse into the (lack of) character the self-proclaimed “President elect” finally allowed into the public conscience. About 1.7 million US citizens are diagnosed with cancer every year, and about 600,000 die from it. Do you think they, their families and friends might have liked to know about Biden’s dirty scam, before the election was already over, maybe would have asked him about it at the debates or rallies, if they had? Yeah, I think so too.

So, there ya go – perfect examples of scumbags and bullshit, and while there are myriad examples, you’d have to look far and wide to try to find more perfect examples, but you will not find them. And if Biden takes the White House, you can bet the Clintons will be constant visitors, and I’d even bet Bono will drop by from time to time, with his buddies Gates and Soros. This essay was intended to be only about the Biden cancer scam and the Snope’s mendacious and mealy-mouthed half-assed defense of it, so sorry for the Bono and Clinton digressions, but it is not possible to write about charity scams without mentioning them. But maybe I had another reason, too.

Trump is, and always was, a world class idiot and asshole, and he always will be. But a Biden Presidency will be the final leap into the Abyss, from which there will be, and can be no return. Biden has no soul, he sold it a long time ago, and as a Christian, I do mean that literally.  So gird your loins and say your prayers, and understand that this is Armageddon, right here, right now, right before your eyes, and it is our actions that will determine and prove which side we are on. So, don’t give up and don’t be afraid. This is your chance to be a Hero. Take it!

And if you’re looking to contribute to a real charity, giving real help to real people who really need it, check out Donbass Human Aid, our website and our work. And now would be a perfect opportunity to make a contribution and join our team.

Good luck to all good people, may God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.
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