Implications of the Nov. 3 Elections for the USA and the World

Implications of the Nov. 3 Elections for the USA and the World


The American University of Moscow has just unveiled a new bi-weekly course in geopolitics under the theme of “Saving the Planet: Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in Shaping History and Geopolitics” at a time when such a crash course is needed more than ever. Since many modern universities have failed to present students or even many professors with the techniques, methods of analysis or even intellectual and moral freedom to ponder those causal principles of history that have given rise to our present global crises that threaten both civilization and life on earth more broadly, Dr. Edward Lozansky (President of American University of Moscow) has initiated this opportunity for people of all ages (but with a focus on youth) to learn from experts in the field of geopolitics. Previous presentations can be found here.

While each course is open for all to join, the focus is on young people who unfortunately represent a diminishing proportion of those alive who are both aware and appropriately concerned with the threat of a new nuclear holocaust threatening humanity. In order to infuse knowledge, and discussion around the ideas necessary to save humanity during this precarious age and ensure a durable future for the species, each presentation will feature between 5-6 speakers who each hold decades of expertise and insights in their respective fields and walks of life. Each class will be open to questions from the audience.

On the Russia House registration page, Dr. Lozansky has announced that “those who regularly attend and do the home work which is writing assigned essays will receive certificates from the American University in Moscow and International Center for Public Diplomacy”.

Here is the list of speakers for the November 5, 2020 session at Noon EST – 8.00 PM Moscow and the subject obvious theme is “Results of Nov 3 elections and how they might affect US foreign policy and US-Russia relations.”

Gilbert Doctorow – Foreign Policy analyst, Brussels

Matthew Ehret – American University in Moscow, Rising Tide Foundation

Jim Jatras – Former US Diplomat and Senate GOP Foreign Policy Advisor

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Peter Kuznick – American University

Edward Lozansky – American University in Moscow – Moderator

Raymond McGovern – Former CIA Analyst, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPs)

Herbert Reginbogin – Catholic University of America, Institute for Policy Research, and the American University in Moscow

Please join via Youtube link to watch and take part in the Q & A session by clicking on this link.

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