Russia Allocates Over $1 Billion For Syria’s Reconstruction Efforts


MOSCOW/DAMASCUS – While the West, more specifically the United States, is trying hard to prevent Syria’s reconstruction efforts by imposing sanctions on any entity participating in this major undertaking, with the unchanged goal of causing so much misery to the Syrian people in the hope they’ll do the dirty work of toppling President Bashar al-Assad, Russia is doing exactly the opposite.

Apart from sending its superbly trained and equipped military to help the brave Syrian people in their fight against the nearly decade long invasion of an international conglomerate composed of the neoliberal NATO, including the Islamist/Pan-Turkist/Neo-Ottoman Turkey, and their Islamist/Wahhabi allies, Russia also needs to help Syria to rebuild its devasted land, soaked with the blood of its people.

Russia and Syria signed at least 8 agreements on energy, customs and education. Mikhail Mezentsev, head of the headquarters for coordination between Russian-Syrian agencies for the return of refugees, started on Wednesday,

“Russia and Syria will sign 8 memoranda of cooperation in the fields of energy, customs union and educational activities.”

On the sidelines of the International Conference for the Return of Refugees to Syria, he said that 8 agreements and memoranda have already been signed between Russia and Syria, and 8 other agreements will be signed on the sidelines of this conference, in the fields of energy, customs union and educational activities, which will undoubtedly open new horizons for the development of Russian-Syrian relations.

He explained that Russia will allocate at least one billion dollars for the restoration of electrical networks, industrial complexes and other humanitarian projects in Syria, which according to some estimates has suffered damages in excess of $400 billion as a consequence of “freedom and democracy”.

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“Since the beginning of the work of the headquarters of coordination between the departments in Syria and Russia, 31 joint meetings have been held on a wide range of problematic issues related to the return of refugees and the reconstruction of the country,” Mezentsev stated.

The international conference on the return of Syrian refugees began at the Conference Palace in Damascus on Wednesday, with the participation of the Russian Ministry of Defense and representatives of a number of countries, with the aim of putting an end to the suffering of refugees and facilitating their return.

The conference discussed humanitarian aid, infrastructure restoration, cooperation between scientific and educational organizations, and the reconstruction of energy infrastructure in Syria during the post-war period. It concludes with a closing session and a final statement.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Russian interest and support for the Syrian government and its efforts, whether in combating terrorism, reconstruction or returning refugees, in a meeting that brought them together via video link.

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