Russia Says it Will Not Meet With Biden’s Representatives Until Election Mess is Over


MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Russia did not hold any contacts with the representatives of US presidential candidate Joe Biden and there are no such plans now, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated.

“We did not have any contacts at various periods of the current events in the US with representatives of Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters,” Ryabkov told TASS on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club.

The senior diplomat recalled that the normal work of Russia’s Embassy in Washington D.C. in 2016-2017 was made impossible due to the outrageous behavior of US authorities amid the Russiagate hoax allegations.

“We remember that hideous behavior of the officials in Washington, who neglected not just ethics but even common sense and started accusing us of some ‘ill intentions’, which have nothing to do with normal diplomatic work. This time we made an exception for ourselves and refrained from fulfilling our direct duties on establishing such contacts. Correspondingly, we are not planning to do so in the future,” Ryabkov stressed.

Though the vote count is still underway, major US media outlets project that the Democratic contender has presumptively won the presidential election.

Mainstream media were quick to put Biden over the top, but President Donald Trump is challenging the current outcome by giving evidence of massive irregularities in the ballot processing in key swing states, and has filed lawsuits to fight his case in court. Apart from Russia, China has also refused to have any contacts with US officials until an actual presidential administration is established.

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