Dear Fort Russ News Readers,

This will serve to explain our recent, temporary, cessation of publication.

The United States is, at the present moment, the subject of a massive psychological operation right now. This appears to be a form of irregular warfare involving elements of its own security and other governmental agencies, which are posed against themselves.

This all relates to the pending outcome of the Presidential election process presently underway in the US. 

For reasons that we are not in the position to disclose, we have determined that we are not in the position to publish news and analysis for a short period of time, which began one week ago.

As an American citizen, it is the right and obligation of Fort Russ News’ chief editor, and any assisting towards my efforts, to offer opinions, news, and analysis of this situation, as well as other related and unrelated subjects of global concern.

Right now we are dealing with matters of security, of law, and of finances which we are in the process of turning the corner on.

We fully expect to entirely resume normal operations within a week or so. 

Fort Russ News been the subject of a long-standing derailment and intimidation campaign of the Atlantic Council and any number of related organizations, a second phase of intensity of which began after the surprise victory of Donald Trump in 2016.

This led to a fear, doxxing, hit-piece, and pressure campaign against myself and now former members of our regular editorial team, who were all citizens of A5 countries (US, Australia, New Zealand), leading to an entire turn-over and rearrangement of our team in the 2017-18 interim. 

Some weeks ago, Twitter suddenly banned our account, following a permanent freeze on the Facebook platform. Recently, it appears that both Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, likely perjured themselves in front of a congressional hearing while under oath.

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On our end, just recently a Bosniak ‘journalist’ who is a member of an electoral party supported by the ‘moderate’ wing of Muslim Brotherhood, doxxed our location leading to an additional security issue as we are in Belgrade, Serbia. He falsely claimed that we received support for publishing articles against Biden. Anyone from the US would instantly know that, allegations aside, an American citizen would have many reasons to write against Biden without requiring any urging. It may have escaped our ‘critic’ that we have also published numerous pieces critical of Trump’s administration and actions taken by his cabinet and their staff.

Furthermore, an  American citizen would have any and all rights and obligations to do so. Doing so could never be considered ‘foreign interference’, as a US citizen remains so regardless of location or residency.

All this said, our response to the treats we are under has been solid and inline with previously mapped-out protocols.

Regarding the situation in the US, at this time we believe it is likely that Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th, despite pressure  on the courts in the form of a west-coast secession threat being acted upon by the players involved in the Transition Integrity Project: the Council on Foreign Relations and World Economic Forum’s Nicolas Berggruen, and the DNC leadership’s John Podesta, as well as leading neoconservatives.

Regarding that, it nevertheless should be emphasized that anything can happen.

Recently, General Flynn encouraged Trump to exercise his authorities granted under the 2018 emergency declaration on election integrity and foreign interference.

We want to extend our warmest and most sincere gratitude to the readers of our publication. It is one we have dedicated more than six years to, and one that continues to strive towards accuracy, excellence, and consistency.

Unmoved and Resolute,

Joaquin Flores, Editor-in-Chief



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